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“Fear not math, fear God.”

Yan Kow Ch
eong has been active on the educational scene for more than two decades with mathematics teaching appointments at ACS (Independent), the Institute of Technical EducationNUS Extension, and Singapore Science Centre

A former secondary mathematics teacher and coach training mathletes 
at ACS (Independent), he has written, ghostwritten, and edited a number of primary, secondary, and pre-university textbooks and supplementary titles (or assessment) books for both local and foreign publishers. He has also contributed contests questions and on-line assessment tests for educational websites; primary and secondary mathematics course materials for CD-ROMs; and contents for developers of math apps.

Kow Cheong is presently a math consultant for MathPlus Consultancy and the co-author for the 
MOE-approved Additional Maths 360 and of Dimensions Math (Grade 6). He also coaches mathletes and conducts enrichment and recreational math programmes for both enrichment and community centers.   

Besides conducting recreational mathematics courses and educating the lay public against innumeracy and pseudoscience, he is a regular contributor to mathematics periodicals and journals, such as The Mathematics Educator, Mathematics Medley, and Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. On social media, Kow Cheong is a serial Urban Dictionary contributor (with 900-odd definitions under MathPlus) and an incubator of math e-cards.

His academic interests involve research in mathematics education, in particular, the psychology 
of learning and teaching mathematics, adult mathematics, and creative problem solving. 

Below are some of his digital footprints, where you could read more about his views on and about mathematics.

Yan Kow Cheong,
May 25, 2014, 7:50 AM