Rubber Band Cars

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Part 2: Energy Transformations

For Part 2 of the project, be sure to check out the second page of the Project Handout for details.

Everyone's explanation of energy in their rubberband car should include:
  • A diagram of their rubber band car
  • An explanation of the types of energy the rubber band had at the start.
  • An explanation of what types of energy the car had as it was moving.
  • An explanation of where all the car's energy went in the end (when it came to a rest)
    • Be sure you use the Law of Conservation of Energy to explain this last part.

Live Results

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FHS Rubber Band Car All-time Records

Pictures of Rubber Band Cars from 2011

I know I don't have pictures of everybody's cars here, but I have most of them. If your car isn't in this album and you still have it, let me know and I'll take a picture and add it to the show. :-)

2011 Rubber Band Cars


Students are designing and constructing rubber band cars designed to travel the furthest distance possible. Using only two #33 rubber bands for power & everyday materials, students must engineer their way to a vehicle that can travel 6 meters. 

Unsure of where to start? 

Rubber Band Cars

Check out some pictures of other rubber band cars to give you some ideas: