Sub Plan for US History for April 29th, 2011

posted Apr 28, 2011, 3:48 PM by Andrew Wiese
1. Please go to this website.

2.  Once there, you will notice 3 main headings on the left hand menu.  Under “World War II and Roundup” you will read these headings, Pre-War Discrimination, Executive Order 9066, and Mass Removal.  Under “The Camps Experience” you will read all sections except for Tule Lake Segregation through Court Challenges.  Under “Postwar and Impact Today” you will read these headings, Overview, Postwar Resettlement, Redress and Reparations, and Ongoing Impact.   On a word document, answer the questions listed as you go, and turn them in when finished.


Pre-War Discrimination:

Imagine that you are an American citizen growing up in the 1930s, born in California, to Japanese immigrant parents. How are the opportunities and choices available to you -- in areas such as schools, jobs and residence -- different from your Caucasian friends?





Executive Order 9066:

How did our leaders arrive at the decision to remove and incarcerate Japanese Americans?





Mass Removal:

Why were Japanese Americans on the West Coast removed and incarcerated, whereas Japanese Americans in Hawaii, despite the Pearl Harbor bombing, were not interned?



Permanent WRA Camps:

Discuss the claim by the U.S. Government that the camps were for the protection of Japanese Americans. Were the barbed wire fences and guard towers meant to keep vigilantes out or Japanese American inmates in?





Camp Life:

Were the camps "resettlement communities," or prisons? What’s the difference between the two?





Postwar Resettlement:

After being released from the camps, what did ex-internees face on the other side of barbed wire? How did their homes, employment, family life and communities change after the war and end of internment?






On-Going Impact:

How long do you think it took to recover from internment? Is it possible to measure?

3. ONCE you are finished with that.  Go to this website

Do an OPVL on this executive order from the President.  Do this individually. 

Keep EVERYTHING and I’ll get it (I will collect it) on Monday.