Mr. Whitlow

My name is Brett Whitlow and 
I am beginning my eighth year as a teacher and my fifth year here at MVHS!!!

I am extremely excited to continue my career here at MVHS. I look forward to this new year and all of the things that I will be learning.
I will be teaching two classes this year; Algebra 1, and Applied Geometry with Topics.

Here is a little information about myself. I have a gorgeous wife named Rachel a beautiful daughter named Esther who is almost 4 and a handsome son named Boaz who is 2. I also have a son named Abram who is 5 months old. I taught for 3 years at Elizabeth High School in Elizabeth, Colorado.I graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelors in Economics and a masters degree in math education.
I was a part of the 2004 graduating class of Ponderosa High School. I am the pole vault coach here at MVHS as well. By the way, pole vaulting is AWESOME and if anyone is interested to be a pole vaulter please come and see me. 
Some activities that I enjoy besides teaching math and coaching pole vault include; spending time wit
my wife, daughter and sons, riding my motorcycle, snowboarding (however I don't get much time to anymore), I enjoy a lot of target shooting sports and recently gotten really excited about hunting

I really enjoy my career and the opportunity to teach everyday. I believe it is an honor and a privilege to teach. I know that not everyone is "good at math" but I believe with a little bit of work and focus we can all meet our own goals and potential.

I look forward to seeing you all in class. 

Mr. Whitlow