7th Grade Classroom Updates- Room 11 2018-2019

   Related imageAssignments are always due the following day unless otherwise noted. 

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April 10- Wednesday

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Close Reader: He-y, Come On Ou-t!

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Western: Classifying Organisms; 7.4 Review and Reinforce

All: Quiz tomorrow 7.4

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April 9- Tuesday

Essay deadline today.

Branching Trees 7.5 Review and Reinforce p 81

Pamishan Classification (dichotomous classification) 

7- page handout: Biological Classification Worksheet

Quiz notes out for 7.4. Quiz on Thursday!

Rios only: Section 5 Assessment; p 257; #1a., b., c.

Classifying Organism 7.4 Review and Reinforce p (Given to Rios last week)

Identify Multiple Meanings- Chapter 7 Vocabulary Skill p 83

April 8- Monday

Tomorrow is last day for essay.

Bell work

Telltale Molecules p 247

April 3- Wednesday

Bell Work: Environment

ELA: 1st draft of Performance Task Essay due Friday.

April 2- Tuesday

Bell Work: Over herd

ELA: Performance Task Outline p 256 (equivalent to a test)

         Narrative Essay- Science Fiction (less than half turned this in on time)

Science: 7.3 Classifying Organisms- Reading/Notetaking Guide

               7.3 Outlining the lesson- as instructed in class

April 1- Monday

ELA: p 256; 1-6 for “Earth (A Gift Shop)”, Short story by Charles Yu 

March 29- Friday

Progress Reports sent home Friday- due Tuesday

Evolution of Species: Review and Reinforce

Section 7.3 Quiz notes given out

March 28- Thursday

AM/PM: Dump: Analyze Poetry: Form

Analyzing the Text; 1-4

How Things Work: Analyze Poetry: Form

Analyzing the Text; 1-5

PM: Compare Forms in Poetry p 247  (see sidebar for chart)

Lesson Quiz taken!

March 27- Wednesday

(All ELA done in class- finish CAASP #1/ Begin Close Read - Labels and Illusions.)

PM: Collections p 238; 1-3

Missing assignment lists distributed for study hall.

Science Quiz! 7.2

March 26- Tuesday

End of quarter in 3 days. Don't tank your grade at the last minute.

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Skills Lab: Nature at Work

Analyze and Conclude 1-4 only

(skip design phase for now)

March 25- Monday

Bell Work: Walls of Water

Collections: Always Wanting More p239; Critical Vocabulary 1-4

                                                       p239; Vocabulary Strategies 1-4

AM: Bring your Close Reader

7.2 Changes over Time: Evidence of Evolution 7.2 Review and Reinforce

    1-4; Understanding Main Ideas

    5-10; Building Vocabulary

QUIZ notes out for lesson 7.2- Quiz Thursday

March 22- Friday

Close Reader: Teenagers and Technology- all due Monday

CNN10 Friday

Spot the Difference

March 21- Thursday

Finished SIP essays. Tomorrow bring your Close Reader

Bell Work: Darwin's Theory Reading and Notetaking Guide


Key Terms (Crossword)

Lecture Notes taken (not due- incomplete)

March 20- Wednesday

AM: Plague

PM: Survival

March 19- Tuesday

Bell Work: PM Black Plague


SIP essay in progress daily

Quiz notes (quiz on Thursday- Section 1)

Lecture notes

7.1 Review and Reinforce

All students that did not finish yesterday's lab will need to do so Wednesday during their study hall. 

Please read the lab requirements from the book. Or see below where I listed them yesterday.

March 18- Monday

SIP Outlines completed. First draft for those not already started.

Standards Warm-Up

How Do Living Things Vary?

1. Use a ruler to measure the LENGTH AND WIDTH of 10 sunflower seeds. Record each measurement.

2. Now use a hand lens to carefully examine each seed. Record each seed's shape, color, and number of stripes.

Think It Over

Classifying In What ways are the seeds in your sample different from one another? In what ways are they similar? How could you group 

the seeds based on their similarities and differences?

March 15- Friday

SIP Persuasive Essay Outline due Monday

Progress Reports due Monday

March 14- Thursday

Bell work: Summary and Question Leads

SIP outline (supplied by Mr. W) due Monday

PROGRESS REPORTS printed out- parent signature required and return tomorrow, or at latest, Monday.

Modern Genetics Test given TODAY!

March 13- Wednesday

Begin SIP Essay- students are NOT ALLOWED to work on outside of school.

Science Test Tomorrow

March 12- Tuesday

AM/PM: Collections: p 220 Academic Vocabulary 5 words and definitions

AM/PM: Critical Vocabulary p 231

PM: Language Convention: Eliminate Redundancy p 232; 1-4

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Focus on the BIG Idea (teacher prepared handout)

Quiz (Western interrupted by fire drill- finish tomorrow)

March 8- Friday

AM/PM: Bell work: Baking Bread (Peeta's!)

PM: Passed back "Catching Fire" playlist assignment. Students must give reasons for their playlist per instructions given.

From the "Close Reader" book: Complete (in the book) the close read for the short story "Heartbeat" on page 25, 

following the close read prompts. 

The final "SHORT RESPONSE on page 30 (Writing a SUMMARY) is being completed on Chromebooks and emailed to me. The 

summary length should be somewhere around +/- 120 words. 

AM: Finishing movie and projects

TEST Thursday

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March 7- Thursday

AM: Presenting reports/ Hunger Games

PM: Finished Catching Fire! 

Test notes given: Test next Thursday/Chapter 6 Modern Genetics (Attn: notes cannot be used during the test)

March 6- Wednesday

AM- Hunger Games Playlist

AM- Presenting projects

Western: Human Genetic Disorders pp 215-216; 1-18

March 5- Tuesday

AM: Playlist (HG)

PM: not assigned but... I will accept Playlist for Catching Fire if complete. & Permission slip.

(still collecting progress reports from AM and PM)

March 4- Monday

AM: 3 questions "The Hunger Games"

PM: 4 questions "Catching Fire"


Key Terms- Bell work

Lesson assignment: Modern Genetics 6.3 Advances in Genetics

Quiz notes

Progress reports due from last week.

Movie permission slips

March 1- Friday

AM/PM: Book cover or movie poster due by end of day.

February 28- Thursday

AM: Finish reading: Chapter 21

      Read Chapter 22- & prep for quiz

PM: Finish reading: Chapter 23 and answer the 4 questions.

        Read Chapter 24- & prep for quiz


Human Genetic Disorders

6.2 Review and Reinforce  


Science Lecture Notes

February 27- Wednesday

AM: Chapter 20

1. Why must Katniss be careful in telling the story of Prim’s goat?

2.How is owning a goat in District 12 an advantage?

3. What is the significance of Rooba refusing to buy the goat and the wink she gives to Katniss?

4. What new announcement is made by Templesmith? How does this cause a “stalemate” between Peeta and


5. What gift does Katniss receive now? What is it meant for?

PM: Chapter 21

1. What does the fog do?

2. Why does Mags walk into the fog?

3. Describe the mutts.

Chapter 22

1. Why did Johanna save Wiress and Betee?

2. Why does Wiress keep saying "tick tock"? What does she realize about the arena?

February 26- Tuesday

AM/PM Bell work: suffixes

AM: Finish reading: Chapter Eighteen (and answer 3 q’s)

· What feelings does Katniss have about the boy who killed Rue?

· Why does she have these?

· What does this rule change mean for Katniss and Peeta?

AM/PM: tomorrow is the last day we will work on our book covers/movie posters in class. 

After that, please finish on your own! We will start presenting on Thursday.

Human Genetic Disorder lecture in progress

Feb 25- Monday

Bell work: Prefixes

PM: Finish reading Ch 18, answer questions for ch 17 and 18.

Chapter 17

   1.   What did Peeta paint for the Gamemakers?

2. Why do the Gamemakers award 12's to Peeta and Katniss?

3. How do Katniss and Peeta spend their last day of training?

4. What happens when Katniss twirls in her dress?

Chapter 18

1. Why do you think Peeta made up the story about he and Katniss being already married, and Katniss being pregnant?

2. What happens to Cinna right before Katniss is launched into the arena?


1) Human Inheritance lecture notes

2) Modern Genetics

    6.1 Review and Reinforce

February 21- Thursday

AM/PM: CNN10 + Begin work on movie poster or book cover assignment.

PM: Bell work: Bikini Bottom Genetics (1-5)


Correction of tests and past packets

February 20- Wednesday

AM/PM: CNN10 + sentence fragments

PM: Cryptogram +

Vocabulary words to define:

saunter (210)  fixated (213)  camaraderie (214)  grotesque (220)  spiel (225)

initiated (233)  shroud (248) ruminate (251) tentative (253) residual (256)

February 19- Tuesday

AM/PM: CNN10 Map of Haiti

              Social Media profile page

PM: Bell work- Catching Fire/Logic


Human Inheritance

Reading/Notetaking Guide

February 15- Friday

AM: CNN10 Weekly Newsquiz

AM/PM: Progress reports from both Rios and Western.

February 13- Wednesday


(social studies quiz as well)

PM: CNN 10 Fish (list 5 things you learned...)


February 12- Monday

AM/PM- Muttation Assignment due 

AM- CNN Fish 

PM- CNN M-F Very Punny

PM- Bell work; Probability and Heredity

1/2 sheet of paper for Thursday's test

February 7- Thursday

AM/PM: Bell Work- Mendel's Work 5.1 Review and Reinforce: Understanding Main Ideas and Building Vocabulary 

PM: 5 Questions for Catching Fire, Chapters 10, 11, and 12.


Muttation Assignment:

Tomorrow, submit on a regular piece of paper, the

1. Name of your mutated animal.

2. How mutation was created or enhanced.

3. What does it do for the Capital?

Final version will be on my paper 

and full color and full descriptions. See assignment to follow list of all things required. 


Test review packet corrected and returned.

Test review #2 out today, "The Cell and Inheritance".

Rios: pp 35, 38, 40, 41

Western: pp 35, 38, 40

February 6- Wednesday


Bell Work: Double Puzzle #1 (Unscramble the clue words- Hunger Games)

Chapters 3 & 4 due (email or paper)

District industries! 1-12 from yesterdays assignment.

Use your Chromebook or novel, and write down the one word “industry” for each district, 1-12


1. Luxury 2. ?  3. ? .... 12. ?


Muttation Assignment:

Tomorrow, submit on a regular piece of paper, the

1. Name of your mutated animal.

2. How mutation was created or enhanced.

3. What does it do for the Capital?

*Please be ORIGINAL with your mutated animal. Copied off the Internet is not original. 


Study Guide: Genetics, Heredity, and Punnett Squares

(If you did not work on a science fair project on Tuesday, you must complete this packet. 

Last call... the copies are sitting untouched on

my table...)

February 5- Tuesday


Answer in Chromebook or paper

Chapter Three

Why would the baker visit Katniss?

How does Katniss try and plan to take care of her family?

Chapter Four

What deal does Haymitch make with Katniss and Peeta? Is this fair? Why?

Describe Haymitch and Effie's relationship. Consider that they have worked together for many years.

Use your Chromebook or novel, and write down the one word “industry” for each district, 1-12


1. Luxury 2. ?  3. ? .... 12. ?

Bell Work: How Fast Are You Traveling?


Chapter 8

1. Why is Gale whipped?

2. What does Madge deliver for Gale?

3. What realization does Katniss have while she sits alone with Gale in the kitchen?

4. Why do you think Katniss held out the berries?

Chapter 9

1. How is the blizzard a good thing? 

2. What does Katniss realize about her role in the rebellion? 

3. How have things changed in District 12 since Gale's whipping?

Science Fair work or for those who had no Science Fair to work on... 

Study Guide: Genetics, Heredity, and Punnett Squares (Packet)

February 4- Monday



PM: How Fast Are You Traveling?

Science Chapter 5 Test Study/Review Questions (completed and turned in tomorrow morning)

Science Fair is next Thursday, February 7.

Student groups work on projects IN CLASS on Tuesday.

January 31- Thursday


AM/PM Bell Work- Novel vocabulary crosswords: NOT due Friday. Do if you have any free time in class.

Amssignment: Read to the end of CHAPTER 2


1.   What are the Hunger Games?

Chapter Two

2. How does Katniss save Prim from the Reaping?

3. How did Kat's mother react to her husband's death?

4. Describe Kat's only previous encounter with Peeta Mellark.


Assignment: Read to the end of CHAPTER 7


1.   Why does Katniss think it is strange that the Mockingjay is popular in the Capitol?

2.   What is Katniss' escape plan?

3.   What does Gale think they should do?

Minimum Days

January 30- Wednesday

AM/PM: Bell work: Homographs

PM: Assignment: 1-Read Chapter 5 of “Catching Fire”. 2-Define the vocabulary words for this chapter. 3-Answer the two questions below. 4-Prepare for a chapter quiz tomorrow!



ascend (64) billow (67) dissent (71) besotted (73)


1.     Why is Peeta angry at Katniss and Haymitch?

2.     List at least three ways District 11 is different from District 12?

January 29- Tuesday


AM/PM: Bell work: Homophones


Test Study Guide

January 28- Monday


Read the first two chapters from "Catching Fire"

PM: Catching Fire Vocabulary. Define 13 Words

 Chapter 1        loathe (4)

claustrophobic (5)

retrospect (7)

exude (13)

itinerary (17)

 Chapter 2
audacity (18)

dynamic (28)

 Chapter 3

capricious (35)

mollify (36)

provocative               (38)

 Chapter 4

sodden (45)

duplicitous (51)

veranda (56)


Read the first chapter from "Hunger Games"

Complete (but don't turn in) first half of Anticipation Guide.

AM/PM- Movie permission slip: Pay It Forward

              Note home: Crab Feed from PTC


Complete problems on page 183; 1-10 Review and Assessment (Yes, this means a test is approaching rapidly!)

January 25- Friday


Read: From LIVING IN THE DARK (science article by Cheryl Bardoe) p 201

Read: Background/Setting a purpose

Image result for turn in the assignment

AM/PM do:     Analyze the Text p 210 1-6

                       Critical Vocab and Vocab Strategy: Greek Roots (combining forms)


Image result for turn in the assignment 

Genes, DNA, and Proteins: Reading/Notetaking Guide, pp 81-84

January 24- Thursday


AM: Close Read

PM: CNN10 2-sided page Synonyms and Antonyms

       Close Read: Explore the Ocean


       NASA discoveries

The Cell and Inheritance- Notetaking Guide

January 23- Wednesday


Bell Work:

AM: Synonym/Antonym/CNN10 (2-sided)

PM: Morse Code (2-sided) + CNN10 Pixallated

Image result for pixel drawing

AM: Close Read: Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost? Online essay.

PM: Performance Task, p 190 Research Report on past or planned medical research space mission by NASA

Minimum Day- School lets out at 1:00 P.M.

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January 22- Tuesday


CE Current Events

Grading the Stars

Living in the Universe

Morse Code Worksheet (Western science)


January 18- Friday   Last Day of 2nd Quarter


Interactive Map: Nature's Beauty, Power, and Mystery

Informational Article: Everest: To Climb or Not to Climb

Life in the Treetops


Lab Redo

Some students made a valiant effort to correct their lab from Monday! Way to show effort!

Many left their scores at zero at quarter's end, and 11 papers delivered to me had no names on them, 

so cannot give credit there.

January 17- Thursday


Close Reader Book- Arches 

Bell Work- PM Plunging into the News


Lab Zone Skills Lab "Make the Right Call"- REBOOT (chance for students to correct errors)

January 16- Wednesday


Big Rocks’ Balancing Act (expository essay) Vocab and Practice and Apply on Chromebooks (all in class)

CNN10 Wednesday, January 16

AM: Bell work "The Birthday"

PM: Annotation work on CNN10 transcript

Students will be revisiting their lab from last week and this week, and rewriting their results in the proper format if required. 

January 15- Tuesday



Short Story: Allied with Green
                    Do: Analyzing the Text
                          Critical Vocabulary


Sketch the process of Meiosis from the student text

Somewhat similar to this...

Image result for meiosis

January 14- Monday

Lab Zone Skills Lab "Make the Right Call" pp 168-169 (Started Thursday in class)

Required to turn in:

Part 1 Data Table- Crossing Two Homozygous Parents

Part 2 Data Table- Crossing Homozygous and Heterozygous Parents

Part 3 Data Table- Crossing Two Heterozygous Parents

Analyze and Conclude (this is the IMPORTANT part...) This is the part 31 students didn't do...

1. Making Models- 3 Punnett squares (I did the first one for the students) 

2. Interpreting Data (I had sample answer on board) 

3. Predicting

4. Making Models

5. Inferring

6. Communicating

(don't do "More to Explore")

SCIENCE FAIR- OPTIONAL for extra credit!

Bell Work- PM DOUBLE Negatives

Finish Close Reader: Polar Dreams

Related image

January 10- Thursday

Bell work: The Beginning of Government

Collections; p 148- Analyze the Text #1, #2, and #3.


Lab- Make the Right Call, p 168-169 part 1, 2, & 3 (turn in what you completed Thursday in the lab)

Probability and Heredity packet pp 73-76

Science Fair Packets went home

January 9 


Morning work: 

AM Shark Anatomy 101/ Sharky sic Word Scramble

PM Figurative Language in The Hunger Games

PM Analyzing the Text p 142; 1-3

PM Hunger Games Packet (as is, Capitol "Mutts" or Muttations) sic

We are currently working out of our Close Reader book: from Polar Dream p 45

No science today...
January 8, 2019 Tuesday

Officially announced today: Showing up for class without materials (eg. books) = 1 detention.


Morning work: Genetics and Heredity Word Search (Monday) Verbs (Tuesday)

Academic Vocabulary (from Mississippi Solo, Collection 3, page 136)  5 words, 

they will be tested Friday. Students should be able to answer the following question: What does "ensure" mean? 

Never assume it will be a "multiple choice" quiz.

1. affect, 2. element, 3. ensure, 4. participate, 5. specify  

Use the definitions in the book on page 136. 

CNN10 Booklet for Tuesday thru Friday


All: page 167; #1a, b, & c.

Rios: Shark Anatomy 101/ Sharky Scramble

January 7, 2019 Monday


Quiz results from 3 articles in "my.hrw.com" Xplor eMagazine 

A. Nature at Work B. Loo-Wit, the Fire Keeper, and C. Are Sharks Menacing or Misunderstood?

AM: Genetics and Heredity search (due)
PM: Genetics and Heredity search (not due)

Both: CNN10 Sketch for Monday and Best Day Ever


Rios: Shark Anatomy 101 & Scramble (due if complete)

Both: Define Key Terms on page 162

December 18- Tuesday  

ELA AM: Movie permission slip (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)

Science: (all)

CNN10 Science Connection

Skills Lab pp 160-161

Students will turn in:
  1. Hypothesis
  2. Data Table
  3. (the following) Analyze and Conclude; 1-4 (exclude #2 for now)
1. Observing: The traits listed under Trait 1 in the data table are controlled by dominant alleles.

The traits listed under Trait 2 are controlled by recessive alleles. 

Which traits controlled b y dominant alleles were shown by a majority of students? 

Which traits controlled by  recessive alleles were shown by a majority of students? 

2. Interpreting Data: (cannot be completed until next science lesson)

3. Developing Hypotheses: Do your data support the hypothesis you proposed in Step 1?

Write an answer with examples.

4. Communicating: Based on your observation of traits in this lab, write a PARAGRAPH explaining why people look so different from one 


December 17- Monday  

ELA AM: Outsiders 3-9

Science: Mendel's Work; Reading/Notetaking Guide

Updated progress reports for language given out today to reflect the grading

of "test" comprehension paper over the weekend.

December 14- Friday  

Progress Reports went home today

Gift Exchange partners selected for next Friday!


December 13- Thursday  

ELA AM: Bell Work: Picture This

               Close Reader pp 95-100

ELA PM: Bell Work: Enjoy Your Food

               Close Reader pp 95-100

               Vocabulary Ch 1 & 2 (reaping-treason)

Science: 10 Definitions- heredity, trait, genetics, fertilization, purebred, 

gene, alleles, dominant allele, recessive allele, hybrid

December 12- Wednesday  

ELA AM: Literary Terms (simile, metaphor, etc.)
               Literary Terms (from today)

               The Outsiders Chs 7-12

ELA PM: Chs 10-12 The Hunger Games

               Chs 16-16

               Bell Work: Picture This.

Science: First test question has been released to the students!

December 11- Tuesday  

ELA PM: Hunger Games "Get to Know the Author" Flipbook

Science: Genetic Trait Bingo

December 10- Monday

Science: An Inventory of My Traits- Survey

(dominant and recessive genes)

December 7- Friday (due Monday)  

ELA AM: Outsiders Vocabulary; Chs 1-

12 (due Monday)

ELA PM: Hunger Games Vocabulary: Chs 19-26 (due Monday)

Hey, when is this homework due? Monday!

December 6- Thursday

All: CNN10

Science: Photosynthesis Crossword (extra credit)
               Photosynthesis: Making Energy (handout)

               TEST TOMORROW- Chapter 4 Cell Processes and Energy (no notes)



December 5- Wednesday

All: CNN10

Science: Study for test on Friday (no notes)

December 3- Monday

All: CNN10


ELA PM: Vocabulary Ch 10-13

               Flipbook Ch's 7,8,9
               "Symbols" Word Jumble

Science: (continuing test prep)

                Photosynthesis crossword due this week



November 28- Wednesday

All: CNN 10 1 week

ELA AM: Outsiders Packet (green trim) Due Monday

ELA PM: Vocabulary Ch 10-13

               Flipbook Ch's 7,8,9

Science: Cell Division Notetaking Guide
               Photosynthesis crossword (PM- due next week)

November 28- Wednesday

All: CNN 10 1 week

ELA AM: Movie Permission Slip

               Crossword Puzzle

ELA PM: Movie Permission Slip
               Vocabulary Definitions: Chapters 7-9; emaciated thru elusive

                The Hunger Games Maze (NOT for homework, and NOT due tomorrow... use for free time if any)

All: Progress reports go home today

November 27- Tuesday

All: CNN 10 1 week

ELA AM: Magic Squares (morning work) 
               Chapter 11 Writing Prompt

ELA PM: Themes Word Jumble

               District Badges 1) Luxury 2) Masonry 3) Technology 4) Fishing 5) Power 6) Transportation 
                                                      7) Lumber 8) Textiles 9) Grain 10) Livestock 11) Agriculture 12) Mining

Science: p 122; 1-2 &
               p 127; 1-2

Photosynthesis Reading/Notetaking Guide

Respiration Reading/Notetaking Guide

November 26- Monday

All: CNN 10 1 week


Matching 1

The Outsiders: Chapter 9

Writing Prompt

Think about Johnny’s final words:

“Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold...”

Write about what Johnny said, and what he meant by this.

The Outsiders: Chapter 10

Writing Prompt

Read the following passage from chapter 10:

“And even as the policemen’s guns spit fire into the night I knew that was what Dally wanted… He was jerked half around by the impact of the bullets, then slowly crumpled with a look of grim triumph on his face…..I knew he would be dead, because Dally Winston wanted to be dead and he always got what he wanted.”

Explain why you think Dally wanted to die, and why he got the cops to shoot him.


Chapter 5, 6, and 7 for Flipbook

Science: Bill Nye- Plants (Photosynthesis)

November 15- Thursday

ELA PM: 1) Themes (complete this) 2) Character Traits (as many as you can... work in process)

ELA AM: Coat of Arms (Shield)

CNN10: due Friday (or the following school Monday, but I would NOT wait...)

Tomorrow is feast day! What is your child bringing? (Note: we are dessert and soda heavy)

Image result for 25

 assignments were missing after turn-in time Wednesday morning. 

Expect pink slips.

November 14- Wednesday

Science: Chapter Test Thursday

ELA PM: Figurative Language in The Hunger Games

                Finish Chapter 9 questions


ELA AM: Coat of Arms (due Friday, cut out- requirements on board)
                Whom Would You Choose?

               Chapter 6 Writing Prompt- 6 sentences minimum

November 13- Tuesday

Science:  Chapter 3 Test is Thursday

ELA AM:  Chapter 6 Outsiders Writing Prompt

ELA PM:  Ch 3-5 flip book questions

                Ch 3-6 Vocabulary

November 8- Thursday

Science: Testing parameters set with students. Test is in one week from today.

ELA: PM Chapter 7 Strengths and Skills
               (Comprehension questions in progress)

         AM The Hangout

Final day to return progress reports.

Note Home: Crab Feed Basket

Dance Permission Slip (current GPA of 2.0 required to attend). 

Christmas Dance: Friday, December 7, 6 PM to 8:30 PM. "Christmas Ball" theme. 

Permission slips due by Wednesday, December 5, at 3 PM.
(tomorrow is PAT time for Room 11)

Sample question: Draw two diagrams, one that illustrates passive transport and 
one that illustrates active transport. Label the diagrams to make it clear how the two types of transport differ.

November 7- Wednesday

Progress Reports sent home today 


CNN10- 7 Days

Science: Test- next Thursday

ELA: PM Bumper Sticker
         AM Start folder work

November 6- Tuesday 

Related image

CNN10- 7 Days: One bubble each day. (Tuesday through Thursday of next week)

ELA PM: VERY short answers for Chapter 7 (13 questions*)

Science: Western/Rios- The Cell in Its Environment (pp 52-54)

1. What does Katniss think of dressing like Peeta? 
2. Why does Katniss continue to dress like Peeta? 
3. Why does the thought of meeting the other Tributes make Katniss sick to her stomach? 
4. How does Peeta describe Katniss’s skill with a bow? 
5. How does Katniss react to Peeta’s description? 
6. What does Peeta mean Katniss has “no idea the effect she can have”? 
7. What advice does Haymitch share with Katniss and Peeta?
8. What does Haymitch demand of the District 2 tributes in public? 
9. How does Katniss think she stacks up against the other Tributes? 
10. Describe the Career Tributes. 
11. What skills do Katniss and Peeta concentrate on in training? 
12. Describe the Gamemakers. 
13. How does Katniss get their attention in her private session?

November 5- Monday

CNN10- Colored template with 5 days due tomorrow.

ELA AM: Slang
               Quiz Time: Chapters 1 & 2
               Music: Preferences

ELA PM:  Vocab on Flip Book paper

Science: Western/Rios- Chemical Compounds in Cells

November 2- FRIDAY

CNN10:  M-F Started Tuesday, due Monday, November 5

ELA AM: The Outsiders. We read to page 49. No homework. Work on Slang paper if not completed.

ELA PM: The Hunger Games. 5 of the PM students did not have their homework page completed. 

We read up to Chapter 5. Began work on decorating our Hunger Games folder to keep all work in. 

November 1

CNN10:  M-F Started Tuesday, due Monday, November 5

ELA PM: The Hunger Games Ch 1 & Ch 2 Flip book pages

ELA AM: Work on Slang paper

No Science- Minimum Days

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