Leeds City Zoo is a zoological park located in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. It was constructed mid-2010 by Weasel Parks and Entertainment and is currently the only British-based zoo operated by WPE. The zoo comprises of four continental zones, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. Twenty-two different species can be viewed at the park, making it one of the largest zoological parks in West Yorkshire. The zoo is most famous for its Platypus and Kiwi display, which is the only such display in the United Kingdom.

The zoo was first built to home the previous owner's private collection of exotic animals. Animal displays were hidden from public view up until the mid-1960s when the private menagerie became a public zoo. Many of the old zoo's exhibits were in poor condition, but some, such as the Clouded Leopard Cavern exhibit, were very state-of-the-art for their time. In 1989 the zoo closed due to financial difficulties. Many of the animals were sent to other local zoos. Much of the park and it's empty enclosures were left rancid for many years, until in 2010 Weasel Parks and Entertainment bought ownership of the park and begun it's reconstruction. Many of the old exhibits were left in place, but were obviously renovated to today's modern standards.

Species List

Nile Crocodile
Sloth Bear
Eurasian Otter
Common Seal
Ring-tailed Lemur
Clouded Leopard
Bengal Tiger
Reticulated Giraffe
White Pelican
African Penguin
Malayan Tapir
Grant's Zebra
Bactarian Camel
Northern Bald Ibis

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