Meet the Teacher
Mr. Watt was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He immigrated to Canada in 1977. He graduated from York University in the Kinesiology Department and has taught at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute for 24 years.
Mr. Watt has coached the senior boys soccer team, the varsity badminton team and tennis team.

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Social Science

History of Canada Video Links

Link to the Great Depression video. (Tuesday November 12th, 2013)

Documentary on the Spanish Flu 1919
Highlight the ip address below to watch the documentary on the Spanish Flu.

- link to the Spanish Flu video 

The movie All Quiet on the Western Front is a classic. It shows World War I in a German perspective. Highlight the ip address, then right click and go to the link.

These links are video clips on the Canadian attack on Vimy Ridge
Highlight the ip address below and choose the go to prompt.


Video: Line of Fire (Battle of the Somme July 1st, 1916)

Highlight the ip address below and choose the go to prompt.


 Highlight the ip address and choose the go to prompt.




Grade 9 Assignments
The Story of the Earth
Highlight and right click on the ip address below to watch the video.

Video on Canada's Role in the U.N. Peace-keeping Department
Highlight the ip address below the photo, right click then left click on the go to prompt from the options Enjoy the video.

This video clip is explaining the Factors affecting Climate

Here is a link to the video watched by the grade 9 Geography class. Use the video analysis sheet on the left side bar to complete the assigned work. The link to the video is  http://youtu.be/Xsn3wpVAcjk 

Students will download the information on their selected ecozone by clicking on the website link here.

Important Department Activity
This year the William Lyon Mackenzie Social Science Department will be conducting the Geography Challenge Quiz to participating students in grades 9 and 10.
The school will select the top scoring student as a representative in the Provincial Challenge, where 50 will be chosen for the National Competition.
Top performers in the Nationals will represent Canada at the Worlds.
If you are interested in participating, check the website at www.geochallenge.ca
On the website you can test your knowledge using sample questions from previous quizzes. Check it out and see how you do.

Results of the Geo-Challenge 2012
Congratulations to Daniel Marin who represented Mackenzie at the Geo-challenge National Championships last year. As the school champion he competed in the National Finals finishing in a respectable 15th place. 

What is Geography?

YouTube Video

 Earth's Geology over the next 100 million years.

YouTube Video