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Canvas Intro

Canvas Introduction:

How to Set Up Your Canvas Account

1.       Go to Jordan’s home page.

2.       Click the red and white Log In to Canvas button. DO NOT DO A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR CANVAS! You must log on to the district’s server. The fastest way to get to that server is to use the button.

3.       Log into Canvas.

·         Your username is: your usual school computer username

·         Your password is: your usual school computer password

4.       Click Courses (at the top of the page toward the left).

5.       Find my course. (It might be the only course you have. It depends on if your other teachers are also using Canvas.)

6.       In the upper right corner, click Settings.

7.       From the menu on the left, click Notifications.

8.       Every item listed on this Notifications Preference page is something you can get a text or email about. You really do not want to receive notifications for all of these things. If you move your mouse over the gray column at the right, you can choose how often you get notifications or if you get them at all. I recommend the following:

·         Due Date: weekly

·         Announcements: ASAP

·         Grading: ASAP

·         Submission Comment: ASAP

·         Everything else: not at all

You can change these at any time.

9.       From the menu on the left, click Settings.

10.   In the middle of the page under Other Services, click Google Docs.

11.   Click Authorize Google Docs and follow the prompts. This will allow you to upload documents to Canvas directly from your Google Drive account.

12.   The right column is titled Ways to Contact. Under Other Ways to Contact, click Add Contact Method.

13.   Enter your cell phone number and follow the prompts. (Yes, you can do that right now if you have your phone with you, but then your phone needs to disappear.)

14.   If you prefer email notifications, click Add Email Address under Email Addresses and follow the prompts.

15.   From the left-hand menu, click Home.


How to Use Canvas

1.       Log in. (Remember to use the Canvas button on Jordan’s home page.)

2.       Select the course you are working on.

3.       From the left menu, click Modules.

4.       Find the module you are working on.

5.       Click the appropriate page.

6.       If you click on an Assignment, in the upper right corner of the screen you will see a button that says Submit Assignment. Click it and follow the prompts.

7.       If you typed your essay with a program like Word, click Choose File and then locate the file.

8.       If you typed your essay in Google Drive, click the Google Docs tab and then select the proper file.

9.       Before your teacher sees your essay, it will be evaluated by a program called Turnitin to check for plagiarism. You need to click the box next to this statement: “This assignment submission is my own, original work.” You cannot submit the essay until you do.

10.   Once you have submitted your work, log out. The button is in the upper right corner.