This past year, Sage went through a great transformation, focusing on project-based learning with challenging content that promoted self-reflective and collaborative skills. The 2016-2017 academic year will also have changes. 7th and 8th grade Sage students (who are not already enrolled in the two-way program) will be enrolled into history classes that focus on abstract thought. 7th and 8th graders will also be continuing their Latin assignments. 
Each grade will have two Sage extension blocks a cycle as well, in which Sage students will work on their yearly project: 

6th Grade Project: Building Roller Coasters
7th Grade Project: Creating a Band
8th Grade Project: Creating submarines and underwater worlds 

System of Sage@Walsh:
I will see all Sage students 2 times a cycle in extension blocks. 

 Day 6th Grade
 7th Grade 8th Grade
 1Roller CoastersBand ProjectXXX
 2Roller CoastersXXXSubmarines/Space 
 3 XXX Band ProjectSubmarines/Space 

Project-Based Learning:

The first aspect of Sage@Walsh is something called project-based learning. Students will be given tasks to complete, either independently or in groups, which support some of the things they are already do in their classes but will also be new content. Their task will no only be to exhibit their mastery of the content but also the process, using interpersonal skills to solve problems. 

Specialized Instruction:

The second aspect of Sage is specialized instruction. Every student learns differently, and because of this, every student feels challenged in different ways. Therefore, nearly all aspects of projects have opportunities for students to take ownership of the process and learn what they like to complete tasks. 

Community Outreach:

Sage greatly believes in its community. That being said, Sage@Walsh will be holding monthly parent meetings (Time announced in monthly newsletters) to discuss things that are happening in the class, and discuss any ideas or concerns about the program in general. A monthly newsletter "Sage@Walsh" will also be generated to keep parents informed of Sage activities, events, and new initiatives.   


Great Resources for Our Projects! (Constantly Updated)

6th Grade "Create a Roller Coaster" Project:

Objective: Create a roller coaster that has the longest ride, is safe, and has the most inverted tracks

 Skill Site Comments
Main Roller Coaster Simulator

  • This has everything you need to learn physics and make a great roller coaster. Make an account (it doesn't cost money) so you can save your progress.  
Other Roller Coaster Simulators

  • Park Physics doesn't have the best simulator, but it will teach physics while you build it. What's great though is that it will give what you create a safety rating, so you can apply some techniques to your own coaster. 
  • Funderstanding has a GREAT simulator for initial brainstorming.  
Physics Concepts
  • This site has EVERYTHING you need to know about physics for your roller coaster, including definitions, examples, and mathematical equations. 

7th Grade "Create a Band" Project

Objective: Receive the most amount of money from investors; their choice is based on musical talent, administrative confidence, and overall "sell-ability" of the product.

 Skill Site Comments
Creating a Logo (T-Shirts)
  • These seem like pretty cool sites to use, but, just remember, their objective is that you will eventually buy the thing you make. I have found that it is very difficult to save (maybe taking a screen shot when you're done would help) 
Creating Album Art (Covers) and Posters
  • Requires a sign in to save 
Creating Video Advertisements (Commercials) and Music Videos
  • All of these would be great, but you have to sign in for all of them. YouTube is probably the easiest. 
Creating Surveys (Social Media)
  • Use through own Google Drive account
Creating Song Lyrics
  • An amusing way to think of song lyrics, but shouldn't be taken too seriously
Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip (Travel Agent) 
  • This is actually a pretty good app that you can use (I've actually used it), but it takes some getting used to. Tripit also works. 
Creating Spread Sheets/Budgets (Accounting)
  • Use through own Google Drive account. Excel online also works well. 
Creating Newspaper Stories (Journalist)
  • The first one is alright, but it requires you to download an actual newspaper background. 
  • I personally like the Google Template one because it seems easier. 
  • The last one has been used in classes before, and students really liked it. It's more for creating whole newspaper pages rather than just one article.  
Creating Musical Scores
  • This seems like a really cool option (like it says, "Google Translate for Music"), but you have to download it (not on a school computer)
  • MuseScore also seems to be highly rated, but again, you have to download it. 
Inventions on Online Platforms
  • I really believe in this site; it's run by MIT and has some really cool and realistic things you can do. It's complicated though, so you'll need to look at a YouTube tutorial for what you want to do. 

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