9.1 Jacksonian Democracy

Objectives:  You will learn that
1. Democracy expanded in the 1820s as more Americans held the right to vote.
2. Jackson’s victory in the election of 1828 marked a change in American politics.
The expansion of voting rights and the election of Andrew Jackson signaled the growing power of the American people.
Trashing the White House celebrating Jackson's victory  - March 1829
Key Terms and People:

 nominating conventions

 a meeting at which a political party selects its presidential and vice presidential candidate; first held in the 1820s
 Jacksonian Democracy

 an expansion of voting rights during the popular Andrew Jackson administration
 Democratic Party

 a political party formed by supporters of Andrew Jackson after the presidential election of 1824
 John C. Calhoun

"Skeletor" - strong opinions about states rights
 spoils system

 a politicians’ (Jackson's) practice of giving government jobs to his or her supporters
 Kitchen Cabinet

 President Andrew Jackson’s group of informal advisers; so called because they often met in the White House kitchen


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