Dây chuyền đúc xốp cách nhiệt XPS


We are pleased to quote according to our enclosed General Terms and Conditions of Supply as follows. 


1, We offer 1 years warranty period for all of our machine.

2,Our services will include factory process designing, equipment Installation coaching, testing, commissioning and training for your operation staffs.

3, we provide the whole series of Chinese specification and English Reference books.

4,Factory area: 60m(L)*3m(W)*4m(H)   2 Works



WIDTH :                       600-900MM

THICKNESS:                   30-80MM


SPECIFIC GRAVITY:            28-42KG/M3.

MATERIAL:                    PS (BASF foam grade: GPPS158K)

FOAM AGENCY:                F22(Freon)


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1MJX135 Single screw extruder, model: MJX165     One set

2MJX150 Single screw extruder, model: MJX200     One set

3Hydraulic screen -exchanger                     One set

4Spiral hopper and mixer, model: 1 T/h              One set

51000×1600 Flatting mill, model: 1000×1600       One set

6First haul-off unit                              One set

7Longitudinal cutting machine                     One set

8Second haul-off unit                            One set

9Cross cutting machine                          One set

10Cooling roller shelf                            One set

11Stacker and transmission unit                    One set each

12Die                                         Two sets

13Controlling cabinet for main extruder              One unit

14Controlling cabinet for downstream equipment      One set

15Temperature controller for die                    One set

16Foam agent injection system                     One set

17Auxiliary equipment

18List of spare parts



1. MJX165  Single screw extruder, model: MJX165

The material of the screw and the barrel is 38CrMoAlA, nitrided. The ratio of length and diameter is 30:1.

1.1  The motor power is 90Kw.AC motor, made by Xi’an SIMO, rotation speed: 1500RPM.

1.2  The barrel is cooled by blower fan. Heating circles are made of mica-stainless steel. There should be a gap at the heating circle of the injection aperture for the foaming agent. The water jacket adopts the integral type,equipped with inner bush.

1.3  The gearbox is of model 315. Its gear is smoothly grinded and carbonized. It specializes in low noise, long service life and reliable usage. It is equipped with the oil-water heat exchanger, made in Jiangyin Gearbox factory.

1.4  The connection mode of motor with gearbox: horizontal, direct connection, on the left.

1.5  There is rail of integral type, flat on one side and triangle on the other side.

1.6  MJS165 maximum output is 320Kg/h.


2MJS 200 Single screw extruder, model: MJS 200

2.1The material of the screw and the barrel is 38CrMoAlA, nitrided, nitriding depth is 0.50.7mm. screw

hardness is above HV740, barrel hardness is above HV940.

2.2The motor power is 75Kw, AC motor, made by Xi’an Simo. The rotation speed is 1500RPM.

2.3 The barrel is cooled by water, heater is made out of ceramics-stainless steel.

2.4The gearbox is of special model 375 (the speed ratio 50:1), made in Jiangyin, Jiangyin gearbox factory. Its

gear is smoothly grinded and carbonized. It specializes in low noise, long service life and reliable usage.

2.5The motor and gearbox are connected directly.

2.6The gearbox is equipped with the oil-water heat exchanger to cool the lubricant.

2.7The extruder is directly fixed to the ground.

2.8There are two zones respectively for the water distributing pipe and water collection pipe to insure

temperature control.


3Hydraulic screen -exchanger

3.1This part consists of screen-exchanging plate, hydraulic station, power storage unit and motor (with power


3.2Screen exchanging period is 1.5 second per time.

3.3Screen-exchanging plate is made out of 45steel or 40Cr and heat-treated. The surface is polished to prevent

from material leakage.

3.4Motor power of the hydraulic station is 4Kw, accumulator 25L, capacity 31.5Mpa pressure. Be able to be operated manually and electrically from 5m distance.

3.5Melt pipe is made out of 45# steel. The interior surface is chrome plated and polished. Its flow channel is

smooth without dead space. The melt pipe and the 200 extruder are connected by bolt or welded. Heating of the melt pipe is of ceramics heater. All the connection positions should be of enough space for dismantle and install the bolts, and are sealed by red copper washer.


4Spiral hopper and mixer, model: 1 T/H

4.1It consists of mixer, feeder and hopper.

4.2The feeding screw diameter is Ф155mm and feeding capacity is 1 T25min.

4.3Mixing is realized in a reciprocating up-and-down way. Its mixing screw’s diameter is Ф155mm, mixing period is 15minutes ( feeding period is 25 minutes)

4.4Both the motor for mixer and that for feeder is of 2.2Kw, driven through belt.

4.5There should be at least 3 observation windows and a hand hole (for exchanging of magnetic bracket)

around the hopper. At the joint of hopper and water jacket a tetrafluoro sealing bush is used to protect from


4.6Alternativelythe asbestos sealing pad and dustproof plate made of soft PVC are used to seal.

4.7There is a special supporting mechanism at the feeding part of the hopper to protect form vibration.

4.8All the belt transmission devices have protective cover.


5  Flatting mill, model: 1000×1600

5.1It consists of pressing board and smooth plate, shelf, driving components and die supporter.

5.2The specification of pressing board is 2000×1000×40mm. One is assembled at the top while the other is at

the bottom. The two pieces are adjusted by master screw lifter with motor power of 2×1.12.2KW.

5.3The pressing plate is made of polytetrafluoroethylene board of specification 1400x1350x5mm, one is assembled at the top while the other is at the bottom.

5.4The shelf is welded by shaped steel No 14, die supporter is made of steel plate of 30 mm thick and adjustable


5.5There is a switch to set the highest position when the upper pressing plate rises. There is also an emergency switch at the side plate (when switched on, the upper pressing plate is opened in no time).

5.6The flatting mill is fastened by open-type helical lock.


6First haul-off unit

6.1Two groups haul off, each haul off power is 3 Kw, the helical gear worm gear and worm reducer is made by Zhejiang Tongli Factory. One transducer works separately.

6.2Two groups of rubber rollers comprise the drawing rollers, transmitted by gear. The upper group is pressed actively.

6.3The upper rollers are operated synchronously by worm gear and worm, the width of the roller is 1450mm and diameter 215mm, all are made out of rubber.

6.4The shelf is made out of profile steel.

6.5The protective roller and emergency switch are installed at the entrance for plate. Aside there is a protective cover.


7Longitudinal cutting machine

7.1 Totally two pieces of saw blades for cutting.

7.2 This part may be installed between first haul-off unit and second haul-off unit.

7.3 The maximum cutting thickness is 100mnm.

7.4Power of the cutter is 1.1Kw, there is dust collector here, fan power 1.5Kw.


8Second haul-off unit

8.1Two rubber rollers of the same specification with those of the first haul off unit.

8.2The power of reductor which made by Zhejiang Tongli Factory is 3Kw, driven also by chain, frequency conversion inverter.

8.3The shelf is welded by profile steel. It’s clamped by master screw.

8.4The upper and the lower roller are all motivity roller, driven by gear, adjusted up and down by master screw.

8.5Longitudinal cutting machine and Second haul-off unit are in the same unit.


9Cooling roller shelf

9.1Total length 18m

9.2Roller is made out of Aluminum, specificationФ70×1450mm.

9.3On the supporting rollers there is a mechanism that limits horizontal movement of plate.

9.4The bolts for foundation adjustment are equipped. The adjustable distance is the center height ±80mm.


10Cross cutting machine

10.1Cutting is done by saw type, saw specification Ф450×30×3mm.

10.2Power 3Kw, rotational speed 2800rpm, moving motor power 0.75Kw, driven by chains

10.3The movement of the carriage is driven by beeline bear.

10.4Cutting length is controlled by photoelectric switch and the cutting length can be set freely.

10.5Clamped by pneumatic, the max cutting thickness 100mm.

10.6Conveyer is after the Cross cutting machine.

10.7Motor power of the conveyer is 0.37Kw.


11Stacker and transmission machine

The stacker is welded by shaped steel and protected by zinc plated panel. Its specification is 2.4m


12Die can make 30-80mm thick, 600-900mm wide product. The die is made out of 40Cr or 3Cr13 with the clothes hanger-type flow channel, the interior surface is chrome plated. Temperature control 8 zones, heating power about 3Kw each.


13.Controlling cabinet for extruder

13.1It consists of power controller, temperature controller and etc.

13.2The main motor is controlled by EUROTHERMO (from UK) speed regulator or an ABB (from Swede) one.

13.3Temperature controllers for barrel, adapter and mesh-exchanger are RKCor Fujimeters from Japan and the

thermocouple is used for temperature sensor.

13.4Relay is made by Suzhou Siemens AC relay factory. The voltage of heater is 380v.

13.5Both pressure and temperature of melt are controlled by meter form Chengdu Xianda. One set is settled before the mesh-exchanger and the other—before the die.

13.6The other electric components are l from high-grade domestic or joint company, including air switches from LG, buttons from Shanghai Tianyi and the contactor from Suzhou Siemens.

13.7The controller box has good ventilation to ensure fine operation of electric appliance.

13.8The electric control cabinet needs a supporter of 150-200mm.

13.9Measures should be taken to prevent from the motor from over voltage, the main motor from over loading, the motor for pump from over voltage (in that case the plunger pump must be shut down).


14Controlling cabinet of downstream equipment

14.1The controlling cabinet for downstream equipment consists of the operation panel and handle of flatting mill, inverter cabinet of haul off units, operation cabinet of cross cutting machine, transducer cabinet of auxiliary equipment, operational box of feeding system, remote controller of plunger pump, remote controller of hydraulic station.

14.2To guarantee safe operation, the operation panel of the flatting mill is handy type or remote control type. And there are two emergency scram buttons.

14.3Inverter cabinet for haul off unit consists of 3 inverters (imported Danfoss) and PLC, controlling the first haul off and the second haul off so that the haul off speeds can be precisely matched. The motor of plunger pump is equipped with a 4Kw Danfoss transducer.

14.4Operation cabinet of cutting machine mainly controls the cutting program to insure cutting precision.

14.5The wire of the motors is interference-resistant shielding wires and compensation wires.

14.6The transducer is made by Danmark Danfoss.


15Die temperature controller

heating power 6 KW, cooling method water cooling.


16Foam agent injection system

16.1High-pressure plunger pump: 63l/h. The power of motor: 4Kw. Danfoss transducer.

16.2High voltage wires and joints are form Yuanheng in Taiwan. The energy storage in made in

16.3The maximal pressure is 50Mpa.

16.4The plunger pump is equipped with ordinary sealing outfits.

16.5The plunger pump is made in Hangzhou Zhijiang petrochemical equipment Co., Ltd.

16.6Shockproof supporter is equipped.



1groove machine

2up and down surface roughing machine


3.1FT215A crusher with the power of 7.5Kw, equipped with 4Kw feeding blower fan. One blade and screen are

provided as spare parts.

3.2FT225A crusher with the power of 18.5Kw, equipped with 5.5Kw blower fan for material transferring. One

blade and screen are provided as spare parts.



1. 165 Heating circle for 135 extruder             One set

2. 200Hating circle for 150 extruder              One set

3. Electro-magnetic valve with the water medium   1 Piece

4. Thermocouple                             1Pieces

5. Installation instrument for extruder             One set for each

6. 1 1/2 Rotation joint                         2 pieces

7.Ф8 Gas pipe                               5 meters

8. Rubber pressing block for cutter               1 Piece

9.  Magnetic bracket for hopper                 1 Piece

10. Temperature controller                      1 Piece

11. Photoelectric switch                        1Piece

12.  20A currency meter                       1 Piece

13.  40A currency meter                     1 Piece

14. Two-position electromagnetic valve          1 Piece

15. Speed regulating button for extruder          1Piece

16. RKC meter                              1 Piece

17. Heating stick for die                       1 Piece

18. Heating stick for mesh-exchanger            1Piece

19. Tee and through joints of high pressure wires   One set for each

20. high pressure injection accumulator           1 piece

21. Multihole plate of mesh-exchanger            1Set


Color is based on blue, yellow and white or according to the customer’s requirement. the full set

English operation manual and electrical route drawing. After contract becomes effective, we will provide outline of machine. all mark, indication lamp and button apply English. When machine arrives factory, the supplier will send 2 testing engineers to assist installment and test. The buyer bears boarding and lodge and traffic fee and round-trip ticket fee.