Dây chuyền máy phun xốp PU áp cao lưu lượng 5000g/giây

Việt Nguyên cung cấp chuyên nghiệp các dòng máy Polyurethane phun xốp PU áp cao chuyên dụng cho sản xuất panel, ghế ô tô, các sản phẩm da liền. Để đáp ứng nhu cầu sản xuất công suất lớn và lưu lượng cao, chúng tôi giới thiệu đến thị trường dòng máy áp cao lưu lượng 5kg/giây (tỷ lệ trộn 1:1) chuyên dùng sản xuất panel kho lạnh.




Technical Configuration

1.  Profile:

HP300-C5 two-component high pressure injecting machine, low pressure foaming machine, has one PLOY barrel and one ISO barrel, and the two metering units are drived by two independence motors , through change the motor's speed to control the metering pump’s output. This kind of machine is specially used in the polyurethane foaming products.


2.  Equipment, main technical parameters and description

2.1  Equipment Type: HP300-C5

2.2  The application of foam: hard foam

2.3  Viscosity: (22 ) Polyol : ~ 2000mPas Isocyanate: ~1500mPas

2.4  Injection capacity (mixing ratio 1:1) :200~5000g/s(1:1) Mixture ratio adjustment rang: 5:1 ~ 1:1

2.5  Injection time: 0.01 ~ 9.99s (accurate to 0.01s)

2.6  Injecting program setting:    Manual inject time set: 3pcs.        Auto inject time set: 99pcs.

2.7  Measurement Unit: Measurement accuracy of ≤ 0.5%

Components, including those with anti-vibration pad bracket, speed adjustable motor, coupling of shaft, high precision metering pump of volumetric gear type and safety valves, pressure sensor , rotating speed sensor. Metering pump and motor connected by magnetic.


Raw material






Metering pump model

A2VK107107cc/rFrom Shanghai Rexroth

A2VK107107cc/rFrom Shanghai Rexroth

Motor power

37kw (Siemens)

37kw (Siemens)

Motor speed



Pump and shaft sealing





2.8  Pressure limit and control system

Both Polyol and Isocyanate working pressure are in a range of 6~22Mpa. Whenever the

working pressure exceed the range of 25Mpa, the machine will be stopped automatically and give an alarm at the same time.


2.9  Component flow control and test unit

According with the pump’s flow the components’ mixing range and the related parameters,Our machine can change the components’ flow out by adjust the shift motor. Testing andcorrecting the components’ flowing parameters and the mixing range by their own feeding valve, so as to adjust and control the components’ flow.


2.10  Component filter:

It is installed between material tank and metering pump. The accuracy of filtering is A-330μmB-330



2.11  Mixing head - DHV 2356/2K:


With advanced technology to produce high-pressure self-cleaning linear mixing head, using needle adjustable nozzle. In order to ensure mixed

Effect of raw material respectively from two different directions of collision mixing nozzle in order to ensure adequate mixing component.


2.12  Machine frame

Used for fix the tankmetering pump systempipecontrol system.


2.13  Hydraulic Unit

l  Pump flow (L / min): 12

l  Motor(SIEMENS) Power (kw): 7.5

l  Motor speed (rpm): 1450

l  Pressure sensor0-40Mpa Germany IFM

l  1 Pcs 100L oil tank installed above the supporting plate;

install the driver to install on-board motors, pumps, buffer coupling, hydraulic manifold block, integrated block is installed on the booster valve;

l  All valves, pressure gauge, pressure switches and manual vent valve load, etc.;

l  1 Pcs 10L high-pressure accumulator, in order to ensure rapid mixing and to absorb the vibration of the first switch;

l  1 full precision back to the oil filter;

l  1 set of oil cooler, valves, etc. to ensure the hydraulic system will not work in a continuous temperature rise is too high (≤ 60 );

l  1 set of level display, indicating the oil level inside the tank;

l  2 Pcs NG10 solenoid valve control L were mixed the first two mixing chamber and the main piston to open or close.

l  10L Nitrogen hydraulic accumulators


2.14  Polyol tank: 1Pcs.

l  Effective volume: 300 liters;

l  Jacket heating reservation style, High stainless steel;

l  Maximum working pressure: 0.6MPa;

l  1 Pcs jacket water safety valve, set the working pressure of 0.25MPa;

l  1 Pcs safety valve, set pressure 0.05~0.45MPa, to control the max. air pressure;

l  Output is from T pipe with two manual cut valve (bypass valve is used for sewage);

l  Temperature transducer: PT50;

l  Visible Liquid level display.

l  1Pcs agitator,0.55kw, speed 46rpm, with mechanical sealing.

l  1Pcs safety cabinet with Air circulation fan;

l  2Pcs flammable gas MSA sensor from America;

One is inside of safety cabinet and the other is outside.


2.15  Isocyanate tank: 1Pcs.

l  Effective volume: 300 liters;

l  Jacket heating reservation style, High standard structral steel;

l  Maximum working pressure: 0.3MPa;

l  1 Pcs jacket water safety valve, set the working pressure of 0.25MPa;

l  1 Pcs safety valve, set pressure 0.05~0.45MPa, to control the max. air pressure;

l  Output is from T pipe with two manual cut valve (bypass valve is used for sewage);

l  Temperature transducer: PT150;

l  1Pcs agitator,0.55kw, speed 46rpm, with mechanical sealing.

l  Visible Liquid level display.


2.16  Temperature control unit

l  Refrigeration cooling unit "(Kcal/h)"; 20000;

l  10HP compressor, water pressure 0.25MPa, automatic control of foaming raw material temperature process requirements.

l  Heating function.


2.17. High and low pressure shift unit

High pressure cycle switching unit using inverter synchronous valve, high and low pressure switching unit by action cycle inverter synchronous valve, quick and reliable action, Polyol and ISO material synchronous switch can effectively prevent channeling.No sealing design, so no need to replace).

2.18  Metering monitoring and ratio automatic unit:

The flow meter can display the ratio per second, and the proportion of each product can be displayed, and also can change the proportion and flow through the touch screen. It can also be corrected by mixed head measurement.


2.19  Material feeding system: Independent gear pump for B material, flow is 40L/MIN;Pneumatic pump for A material.


2.20  Electrical Control System

Electric control system adopts Omron PLC, input, output modules, touch screen Winlun.

Include control cabinet; Omron touch screen; Omron relay; Schneider contactor; French Schneider switches, buttons; External interface; system software and control procedures.

Touch screen display as following: Injecting work number: 50Pcs.

Injecting time 0.01-99.99

component of the pressure is too small or too large, over-pressure metering pumps and other fault information; Control system failure alarm has a strong, sound and light alarm devices equipped with necessary equipment automatically shut down.


Pentane checking system is independent. After checking the pentane is at safety condition and air exhaustion is normal, the main machine can be power on and work. The exhausting fan is controlled by inverter, if pentanes is increasing at air, the fan will running faster, to make sure the machine and operator safety.


2.21  Pipe and air system

Material pipeline, include soft pipe to convey the raw material. Feed pipe is assembled ontothe Mixing head, and return pipe is connected with raw material tank;

Air and liquid pipe is used to pipe the compressed air and cleaning liquid. This is anti-solvent and high pressure pipe;

Air is filtered by oil and water separator, oil frog device.


2.22 Electricity: 3×380V/50HZ

Power:               around 82KW

Machine size: 4600X2200mmX2180mmLXWXH


3Machine configuration list:






Machine frame




POLY. Metering unit

Metering pump: Shanghai

Driving motor: Siemens



ISO. Metering unit

Metering pump: Shanghai

Driving motor: Siemens



Pressure display and control system

French Schneider




Temperature display and control system

Germany made



Mixing head DHV 2356/2K




Poly filter

China ST502A330μm



ISO filter

China ST502A330μm



300L Poly tank




300L ISO tank






Hydraulic station

Pump and hydraulic valve: Taiwan chaotian

Driving motor: siemens












Electric cabinet

Low voltage part: French Schneider Relay: Omron

PLC: Omron

Touch screen : 10”Winlun Flammable gas checking and alarm system: MSA of American

Safety Cabinet and Main machine-two

sensor system









Piping system


Pipe fitting: China Air system valve




Poyol material safety cabinet




N2 Generating system 10m3




Air dryer with filter and 0.5m3 tank




Chiller 10HP





3.1  Price:   CIF USDVN

3.2  PaymentDown payment 30% by T/T70% by T/T or 100% L/C before shipping

3.3  Delivery60days down payment received

3.4  Warranty12month from machine shipping

3.5  Free Installation and commissioningOne technician will be assigned, during the time, buyer responsible for food and accommodation, other necessary assistance