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We are pleased to introduce to you, our Company, zhangcheng machinery manufacture co.,limited and to submit our best quotation for the above subject set of machineries:


Brief Company Profile/ Perfil de la empresa:

Zhangcheng machinery manufacture co.,limited is the Manufacturing Company of a professional EPS Sandwich Panel Machinery manufacturer, joint by Australia &  China. The Brand of EPS Machineries handled by our Company enjoys high market acceptance in the China Domestic market and the International Market, such as, Russia, Middle East Countries, India, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia Countries.


I.       Basic Data:

·       Capacity:                      1000m2 – 1500m2 / 8hours

·       Material:                        EPS/ROCK WOOL/PPGI/PU GLUE

·       Power :                          30 KVA-220V/60hz



II.         Production Line Specifications/


Steel thickness:0.2~0.6mm


·          WALL OF PROFILE(EPS/rock wool core) : (1200-1200mm)---1160mm

·       ROOF OF PROFILE:               (1200-1050mm)---980mm


The Sandwich Panel Production Line is composed of four (6) main sections, such as, roof roll former, steel un-coiler, eps loading bed & edge milling machine, sandwich panel laminator,automatic length counting panel cutter,rolling table.

The production line is 40000mm x 4000mm x 2350mm.


III . The Main Parts Of The Production Line


1.  Roof Roll Former:1Pcs.

·       Stands of Forming:                             14

·       Roller Diameter:                                  72mm

·       Material model of Roller:                     40#

·       Thickness of Coated Chrome:              0.05m~0.06mm

·       Forming Speed:                                   0~6.0m/minute

·       Thickness of steel coil:                        0.2mm~0.6mm

·       Motor Power:                                      2.7kw


2.  Steel Un-coiler:                                1set.

·       Width of coil:                                  ≤ 1250mm

·       Weight of coil:                                ≤ 6 mt


3.    EPS/ROCK WOOL Loading Bed and milling machine 1Set.

·       Feeding frame Length:                             4m

·       Feeding speed:                                        0~6m/min

·       EPS foam milling depth and thickness:     adjustable


4.   Wall and roof square lock forming machine: 1Set.

·       Rolling forming stands:                             8pcs.;

·       Forming Roller material:                            GCr15 ;

·       Width sliding range:                                  900-1200mm;

·       Sliding bearing type:                                 Linear.


5.  Sandwich Panel Laminator:         1Pcs.


5.1  Laminating Press Roller/ Prensa de rodillos de laminacion:

·       Rubber roller Diameter:                             150mm;

·       Thickness of composite rubber layer:         10mm;

·       Quantity of rollers:                                     16 pairs


5.2  Glue Spraying Device:

·       Quantity of pump:                 4 sets;

·       Motor Power:                       0.37 kw X 4;

·       Flow volume of glue:            0 – 0.4 kg per pump;

·       Flow volume adjusting:        by inverter;

·       Scale of glue:                      randomly;

·       Glue dropping pipe:              stainless steel


5.3  Glue Uniformity Device/ Pegamento uniformidad dispositivo :

·       Speed of sweeping :          80 times/min.

·       Motor Power:                     0.5kw x 3


5.4  Plastic Film Applying Device:

·       Conical push pin by wheel adjusting


5.5  Dust Suction For EPS/ROCK WOOL Waste :

·       Type of suction: Blowing fan and collecting bag;

·       Motor Power:     2.2 kw


6.   Automatic Length Counting Panel Cutter: 1set.

·       Type of Cutting:                              Blade and circle Saw

·       All motor Power:                            1.5 kw x 2

·       Cutting thickness range:                 40mm – 120mm

·       Push piston stroke :                      1800mm

·       Auto control electrical device:         Touch screen and PLC

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