Dây chuyền sản xuất cửa kho lạnh PU

 Chúng tôi cung cấp các loại dây chuyền sản xuất cửa kho lạnh lẫn cửa nhà ở bằng polyurethane.



Máy phun xốp áp suất cao

1, Profile:

HP60-type two-component high pressure pouring machine, using a polyether polyol feed tank (POLY.), 1 Pcs polyisocyanate (ISO.) feed tank; two measurement units were used frequency convert to control the output of metering pump flow rate,

2, equipment, main technical parameters and description

2.1 Equipment Type: HP60

2.2 The application of foam:

2.3 for viscosity: (22 )

Polyether polyol: ~ 2000mPas

Polyisocyanate: ~ 2000mPas

2.4 Injection volume (mixing ratio 1:1) :200-3000g / s (60HZ, increase flow rate 20%, about 3600g / s)

Mixture ratio adjustment rang: 2:1 ~ 1:1

2.5 Injection time: 0.5 ~ 99.99s (accurate to 0.01s)

2.6 Injection programme quantity:

Manual injection: 9      Auto-injection: 99

2.7 Measurement Unit:  Measurement accuracy of ≤ 0.5%

Hệ thông bơm định lượng 

Components of raw materials POLY /ISO.   

Pump Mode :A2VK55 (Rexroth) from Shanghai

Frequency Motor (SIEMENSE)

Power (kw):22 

Inverter motor speed (rpm) 1450

Shaft Seal Lubrication DOP

Used for the measurement of components, including those with anti-vibration pad bracket, drive motor, coupling, axial piston pumps and safety valves,

Electronic pressure switches.

2.8 component flow control and test unit

According to pump output flow and process requirements component mixing ratio in the casting process to set the two groups, respectively, copies of the relevant parameters;

Component flow rate through the frequency converter to adjust the motor speed from the surface pump output flow to meet the metering pump adjustment hand wheel and the respective

Flow test device, respectively 2-component parameters of flow and mixing ratio testing, calibration in order to achieve flow regulation and components

Control. .

2.9 component filter

A, B groups were equipped with a net-type filter. One POLY.1, ISO filter 4 inches, filtering accuracy of 330μm.  Set period of change and regular sewage.

2.10 Hydraulic Unit

Hệ thống thuỷ lực

Pump flow (L / min): 20

Motor(SIEMENS) Power (kw): 7.5

Motor speed (rpm): 1450

1 Pcs 60L oil tank installed above the supporting plate;

install the driver to install on-board motors, pumps, buffer coupling, hydraulic manifold block, integrated block is installed on the booster valve, an

All valves, pressure gaupcss, pressure switches and manual vent valve load, etc.;

1 Pcs 10L high-pressure accumulator, in order to ensure rapid mixing and to absorb the vibration of the first switch;

1 full precision back to the oil filter;

1 set of oil cooler, valves, etc. to ensure the hydraulic system will not work in a continuous temperature rise is too high (≤ 60 );

1 set of level display, indicating the oil level inside the tank;

2 Pcs NG10 solenoid valve control L were mixed the first two mixing chamber and the main piston to open or close.

2.11 high-pressure mixing head

Đầu trộn áp suất cao

Mixing head 1 pcs

With South Korea DUT technology to produce high-pressure self-cleaning linear mixing head, using needle adjustable nozzle. In order to ensure mixed

Effect of raw material respectively from two different directions of collision mixing nozzle in order to ensure adequate mixing component.


2.12 mixing head cantilever

Be used to support piping system and installation of mixing head and procedures for the button box, from the rotation center to the ends of arm length 2200mm. an electric lifting equipment to mix the first freely up and down movement; the level of 160 ° rotation range

2.13 high and low voltage switch cell cycle

So that the formation of low-power cycle components. Control the various components of the respective high and low pressure cycle switch.


2.14 polyether polyol feed tank: 1

 effective volume: 250 liters;

 sandwich-style, SUS304 stainless steel;

 Maximum working pressure: 0.06MPa;

Bồn chứa polyol

 1 Pcs jacket water safety valve, set the working pressure of 0.30MPa;

 1 Pcs safety valve set pressure 0.60MPa;

 1-band gauge of the pressure reducing valve set pressure of 0.35 ~ 0.40MPa control the feed of compressed air into the gas tank high pressure;

 automatic feeding installation of one-way exit valve;

 output by three to manually install the two cut-off valve (bypass valve which   be used for sewage);

Level Meter: high limit, high feeding level, low four overall control, with visual level

heat exchangers: tubular;

Temperature probe: PT100

mechanical seal agitator, power 1.5KW, speed 46rpm; airtight enough to meet the technical requirements;

outer zone insulation.

2.15 isocyanate material tank  1pcs

Bồn chứa ISO

effective volume of 250 liters;

jacket type SUS304 stainless steel;

Maximum working pressure: 0.06MPa;

1 Pcs jacket water safety valve, set the working pressure of 0.30MPa;

1 Pcs safety valve set pressure 0.60MPa;

1-band gaupcs of the pressure reducing valve set pressure of 0.35 ~ 0.40MPa control the feed of compressed air into the gas tank high pressure;

 automatic feeding installation of one-way exit valve;

 output by three to manually install the two cut-off valve (bypass valve which  be used for sewage);

Level Meter: high limit, high feeding level, low four overall control, with visual  level

heat exchangers: tubular;

Temperature probe: PT100

mechanical seal agitator, power 1.5KW, speed 46rpm; airtight enough to meet the technical requirements;

outer zone insulation.

2.16 Temperature Control Unit:

Bộ điều chỉnh nhiệt độ

Heating power: 3KW

 Cooling unit cooling capacity (Kcal / h); 3600;

Two heating modules are expected to control two tank heating, cooling unit is equipped with 7.5HP compressor, pressure 0.25MPa,

The temperature of raw materials to achieve

automatic control foaming process requirements. Compressor imported brands, with a special refrigeration temperature control device, operating

Switch to imported pieces.

2.18 metering pumps self-lubricating

Is used to polyether polyol AND  isocyanate metering pumps and metering and hand axle shaft seal for regular self-lubricating and clearing

Washing, lubricating medium for the DOP.

2.19 Automatic Feeding Unit

Bộ nạp liệu tự động

Polyether polyol feeding gear pump

With magnetic coupling


Polyisocyanate feeding gear pump

With magnetic coupling


Flow rate: 40L/min, feeding level control can be realized manual / automatic feeding in two ways.

2.20 Electrical Control System

Electric control system adopts PLC ,Touch screen input, output modules, touch-OP Speaking manipulator with a strong

Menu function, easy operation. The main electrical components of imported brands, to ensure safety and reliability of the control system.

Equipment manual, automatic features, dry / wet injection of choice function, auto-loop function, equipment, hand function and stem injection function

Is mainly used for debugging the device. Under normal operating conditions, opt for wet-injection auto-functional state. Auto-circulatory function is mainly to be Longer period of time for equipment to maintain the system does not produce normal process conditions. Parameters of various functions to operate on the Actions menu.

Control system failure alarm has a strong functions of the various test points of failure on the information display device in operation, with sound and light alarm, Device to automatically shut down when necessary.

Include control cabinet;

DELTA PLC and touch screen;

Màn điều khiển cảm ứng

DELTA inverter controller;Omron relay;

French Schneider contactor switches, buttons;

2.22 Pipeline System

Covers all types of pipes and hydraulic control components, respectively, were used to transport materials and hydraulic oil group.

2.23 Supply and equipment weight, area:

Control voltage: 3 × 380V/50HZ

Input power: 44KW

Equipment weight and area:

Weight: 2200KG

Area: 3800 × 2100 × 2800 (L × W × H)

3. Device configuration list and random list of spare parts

3.1 Machine Rack                                   1 set

3.2 POLY. (Polyether polyols) Measurement              1set

Metering pumps: Shanghai Rexroth:

Drive motor: Siemens

3.3 ISO. (Polyisocyanate) Measurement Unit                1set 

Metering pumps: Shanghai Rexroth;

Drive motor: Siemens

3.4 pressure limit and control system                      2 sets

High and low voltage switch: USA brand;

3.5 polyether polyol net Filter                            1 set

More than six isocyanate net Filter                        1 set

3.6 Hydraulic Unit                                      1 set

Pump / Valve: Taiwan's Chao Tian hydraulic solenoid;

Drive motor: Siemens

3.7 Mixing head DHS-25-2K                               1 set

3.8 Mixing head cantilever                                1 set

3.9 high and low self-produced two sets of cell cycle switch     1 set

3.10  250L polyether polyol feed tank                      1 set

3.12  250L isocyanate tank                               1 set

3.13 metering pump automatic lubricating device             1 set

3.14 polyether polyol automatic feeding system, Hebei Botou    1 set

3.15 isocyanate automatic feeding system, a set of Hebei Botou  1 set

3.16 Electrical Control Cabinet                             1 set

3.17 High-pressure pipes, fittings: Central Plains

Pneumatic system valve, solenoid valve: AirTAC (Taiwan Brands)

4.  Accessories, spare parts and special tools list

4.1 A2F55 pump bearing ring (wearing parts)    4set

4.2 Needle of adjustable nozzle               2sets      

4.3 material mixing tank seal (graphite)         2 sets

4 .4 material tank valve AirTAC                (Taiwan brand) 1sets

4.5 Installation tools                        1sets


5.PU high pressure perfusion device main technical parameter table

5.1 A type of rigid foam application, semi-rigid,

5.2 applies to material viscosity (22 )

   Polyether polyol POL: ~ 2000mPa.s

   Polyisocyanate ISO: ~ 2000mPa.s

5.3 injection pressure 8-16Mpa (adjustable)

5.4 injection flow (mixing ratio 1:1) 200-1000g / s

5.5 mixing ratio ranpcs of 1:1 ~ 2:1 (adjustable)

5.6 injection time 0.1 ~ 99.99S (accurate to 0.01S)

5.7 Notes is expected to repeat accuracy ≤ ± 1%

5.8.Material temperature control error of ± 8

5.9 mixing head DHS-25-2K L type mixing head

5.10 feed tank volume 120L × 2

5.11 hydraulic system

Flow rate: 8L/min

System pressure: 10 ~ 20MPa

5.12 Pneumatic working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

5.13 compressed air requirements for dry, oil-free P: 0.45MpaQ: 400NL/min

5.14 Temperature Control System

Mechanism of cold water power 7.5HP

Heating power 3 KW

5.15 hydraulic oil temperature         <50   (return oil cooling)

5.16 metering pump motor            22KWX2  independent motor drive

Automatic Feeding System             40L/min 1.5KWX2

5.17 covers an area:                  4800 × 2240 × 2180 (L × W × H)

5.18 total power :                    58KW

5.19 Power 380V/50HZ (self-power generation to be regulated)




Cán sóng cửa



This panel forming machine is mainly used for flat PU panel, home appliance panel, Control cabinet panel forming, also can be used to make cold room panel/ door panel sheet.  The machine make side forming, embossing, back cutting function working together as one machine, so it will save labor works a lot compare with manual working.

2. Main Specification

1.1    Steel frame De-coiler:                           1pcs.

2.2  Forming machine:                             1set.

Left and right forming:                        12tands 

Adjustable forming width:                     1150 mm

Forming length:                             1.2m to 20m

Color bond steel thickness:                    0.3-0.8mm

Square shape reinforce embossing roller:         1pair   

Hydraulic corner punch cutter:                 2pcs. 

Working Speed:                             0-8m/min

Hydraulic cutter                             1pcs.

Power:                                    7kw

Production line dimension:                    8000 × 1320 × 1560mm

Gross Weight:                              around 4200kg

Product rolling out table 3m length:             2pcs


1.2    Control cabinet:

Vigor PLC controlled, wintouch touch screen, omron encoder length metering control system.

(III) BENDING MACHINE-4M   (Maximum 2mm carbon steel sheet)

Máy chấn


Seri-al NO. 


Numerical value 


Remark /Number 



Nominal Pressure





Worktable Length





Poles Distance 




Throat Depth




Slider Travel




Slider Travel Adjustment




The max. Opening height between worktable and slider




Worktable height above the ground




The max.work pressure of the hydraulic system





Speed of the slide stroke 

Full Load-speed







High-return speed







Rotate Speed





Power requirement 

380V  (-15%,+15%) 50Hz ,3PH






(IV). PU FOAM PRESS MACHINE-6m Máy ép 6 mét

1.1. Laminating machine frame          1Pcs.
Laminating machine frame is welded steel, strength is sufficient for foam demand.
1.2. Bottom fixed press plate            1Pcs.
Fixed press plate is from whole piece process. The fixed plate as the main part of the press machine. Its designing and manufacturing process for a number of process indicators inspection to ensure the maximum foam power machine power requirements. Plate flatness is 0.5mm, the surface roughness Ra = 3.2um

2.3.Up movable press plate             1pcs.
Every 3m has one drive motor. All the motor center is assemble with the motor and connect with the worm rod together for up and down moving. Plate flatness is 0.5mm, the surface roughness Ra = 3.2um




l  Press plate size                  6000mmX3200mm

l  Table plate thickness              40mm

l  Table surface flatness more than    3.2um

l  Table surface plan is less           0.5mm

l  Max. Product size                6600mmX3000mmX150mm

l  Max. Clamping force              200T

l  Thickness range of                20-150mm

l  Machine weight                  around 6ton

l  Power                          3P/50Hz/380V

l  Gear motor power                8KW 


4.Commericial terms:





CNF Price


High Pressure Foaming Machine





Bending Machine-4m





Foam Press Machine







Delivery: 60days

Payment: 30% down payment by T/T, 70% before shipping by T/T.

Packing: wood box

Warranty: 12month