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Welcome to the 2013-14 school year!
Kindergarten is an adventure!

Welcome to our Room 6 website!

What can you do to help your child be successful in Kindergarten?

  1. Assist them as they practice writing their name the "Cabrillo" way.  (That means a capital letter at the beginning, followed by lower case letters.)
  2. School behaviors practice: Have a discussion about behavior at school. This would include having "reciprocal" conversations, turn taking, level of voice volume, etc. 
    • What is appropriate for school? 
    • What is appropriate for the playground or park? 
    • How are rules for home different from rules in other locations? 
  3. Practice tying their shoes and zipping/buttoning clothes independently.
  4. Practice washing hands, blowing nose, opening lunch items independently.
  5. Use a night time routine that includes an earlier weekday bedtime.
  6. Eat breakfast every day. PLEASE.
  7. Encourage your child to ask questions and help them explore to find their own answers!
  8. Go to the public library. Does your child have a library card?
  9. Talk about manners. What are good manners?
                                                         The ROOM 6 Website:


It is my hope that you use these kindergarten pages for reference during the school year. You will find subjects we will study and helpful links to support classroom learning.  There will also be parent information you will find helpful. This includes homework details, school events and connections to many content standard based websites.  Content Standards are the different subjects and specific topics that we will be learning and exploring.



No more fear of insects! 

Again this year, we have many new baby walking sticks, 

all named Nick. They are shedding and growing like crazy!

We always need green leafy rosebush branches with new growth to feed them.

Goodness Gracious! Peas and Carrots!

Photo credit: www.fs.fed.us/r8/caribbean/wildlife-facts/200..

Practice with the KIDZONE link in

Alphabet World!  

Check it out! There's alphabet tracing pages to print out and

loads of other great activities for parents to download.


Send a note to school (to me) that you have
website for a CUB CARD


Check out the amazing "MATH CATS" web link

on the Counting and Sorting page! Meow!