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Margarita Shots!

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These work for mixed Margarita shots- or straight tequila shots- if you're Really Celebrating!!  First cut a lime in half, right in the middle.
I used kitchen shears to cut out the pulp.  Then a spoon finish up.  Cut a small circle off the bottom so they'll stand up.  Make sure not to cut through the pulp!

Next, salt the rim, just like you would a glass...
Then fill with you favorite Margarita shot, or just tequila.  I use Baha Bob's sugar free mix with Patron & Grand Marnier.  OR, I skip the mix and just use the lime juice from the limes I cut with a splash of Club Soda.  Cheers & Enjoy!

Also- A tip from my Husband- if you're making a lot of these for a party, serve them on your deviled egg serving tray!!!!