Paragraph Outline

Essay/Paragraph Format

This is an example of what an outline for an essay should look like.  You do not have to follow the same exact outline.  Yours can look different depending on how many sub-details you want your supporting details to have.  This example is just a guide.  Make sure that you pay attention to the way the outline is indented and aligned. 

I.  Title

II.  Sports at Beverly Hills Middle School-  Basketball, Cheerleading, Volleyball

III.  Basketball

                A.  Games

                                1.  Loud

                                2.  Crowded

                                3.  Cheerleaders

                                                a.  ½ of time

4.  Boys and Girls Team

                                                a.  Not the same coaches

                                                                1.   Two per team

                B.  Competition

                                1.  Play all different teams

                                2.  Play all over state

                                3.  Play county/ state tournament

                C.  Uniforms

                                1.  Shoes

                                                a.  Boys wear same

                                                b.  Girls’ wear different

IV.  Cheerleading

                A. .  Cheering

                                1.  Loud/ Pep

                                2.  Boost Spirit

                                3.  Coordination/ Rhythm

4.  Gymnastics

                                     a.  Stunting

                                     b.  Flexible

                                     c.  Strong

                B.  Competition

                                1.  County

                                2.  State

                C.  Uniforms

                                1.  Restrictions

                                2.  Multiple Sets

V.  Volleyball

                A.  Games

                                1.  3 matches

                                     a.  loose one and still win

                                2.  No cheerleaders

                                3.  Win by 2 points

                B.  Competition

                                1.  County Tournament

                C.  Uniforms

                                1  Restrictions

                                2.  Knee pads

VI.  Conclusion

A.        Summarize your three main ideas