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Greetings fellow educators! This website was created over two years ago to support your implementation of Common Core. I have received numerous "thank yous" and words of appreciation for cultivating your Common Core journey. It is with great pride and joy that I announce the launching of my new website: http://www.acaciatreelearning.com/ 

Many of the same resources are still available, and LOTS MORE! I also wrote a book published by Corwin Press in 2016 (see new website for more information). Thank you again for all that you do to accelerate student learning through best practices. You are welcome to contact me for further information. Have a wonderful school year... :)


Dr. Acacia Warren, email: acacia@acaciatreelearning.com

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Check out this YouTube video that highlights the work of eight CORE school districts (Los Angeles, Long Beach, Clovis, Fresno, Sanger, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento) in creating Common Core ELA and Math performance tasks. I was fortunate enough to attend the institute, along with several other colleagues. This was a 3-day event that took place in Berkeley, CA (go Bears!). *CORE: California Office to Reform Education 
(see the CORE Information document in CCSS Literature for more information on CORE)

This next link includes the actual performance tasks. I am more than happy to share 58 ELA and Math modules, which were created as a result of our hard work! Click on the link below (once on the website, click "CORE Math Assessment Modules" or "CORE ELA Assessment Modules." For more modules, click on "Summer Design Institute," then scroll down and click on "Math Module Page" or "ELA Module Page"):
*I just learned that this website requires a username and login. I am happy to share that with anyone who wants to access the modules. Just email me at acacia@acaciatreelearning.com

MORE MATH PERFORMANCE TASKS FOR ALL GRADES! Click on the grade level and scroll down to any performance task in RED. The website has MARS tasks (which mimic a performance task) and the website has problems of the week, which are Common Core aligned as well. There are also samples of student work from completing the tasks!
MARS: Mathematics Assessment Resource Service
*The Gates Foundation partnered with the MARS organization to produce performance tasks that meet the most up-to-date Common Core State Standards.

NEW: GREAT resource for K-8 teachers. These CCSS math tasks are also translated in Spanish and include a rubric. They are ready for immediate implementation.
MORE FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS IN MATH that mimic a performance task. This link provides more MARS tasks for middle and high school students. Several of the tasks include student work samples. Choose the grade level and lesson that you want in the box on the left, then SCROLL down to RESOURCES and click on the PDF lesson and powerpoint for the lesson. All tasks are Common Core aligned and were created in 2013.

Another great resource with K-12 math tasks that are CCSS aligned. Just click on your grade level and download lessons for immediate use in the classroom. 

MORE PERFORMANCE TASKS FOR ALL GRADES IN ALL CORE SUBJECTS! New York City started the work of creating and implementing performance tasks in 2011-2012. As a result, they have a wide variety of performance tasks and student work samples to choose from. To access the tasks, go to the website and click on a grade, a subject, and then click search. One (or more) performance tasks will be provided. Click on the PDF document to download the performance tasks. You can also click on the SEE NEW TASKS for additional tasks.

MORE MATH PERFORMANCE TASKS FOR grades 6-12. The tasks provided are "Expert Tasks," "Apprentice Tasks," and "Novice Tasks." The tasks also include student work samples.

New York City's website also provides a virtual training module to assist teachers in navigating and understanding the performance tasks components. The video is VERY helpful!

New York City's website has additional videos to assist educators with understanding the design and layout of the performance tasks. Just click "play" to watch the different videos.

New York City's website to access CCSS tasks/units for grades K-12 and for all content areas.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) provides 9 MATH TASKS for high school students that are aligned to Common Core. If you are a math teacher, you may want to consider signing up for an account through NCTM (the resources are unbelievable!). Scroll down the page and click on the task that you want.

Sally Hampton and Phil Daro helped to spearhead the development of the Common Core Standards. This link provides brief video clips (ranging from 1 minute to 5 minutes) as they discuss Common Core implementation.

This is a YouTube video that gives an overview of the ELA SBAC performance tasks. The video describes examples of key features of the performance tasks. VERY INFORMATIVE!
*See the actual powerpoint to this video on the powerpoints page of my website...

This is an AMAZING website that provides ELA Common Core tools and resources intended for immediate use and implementation in the classroom. The website provides lessons, student writing samples, assessment questions, curricular tools, support for all students and professional development.

Here are several Common Core aligned ELA writing samples from K-12 classrooms around the country. The writing samples include the three Common Core genres: narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion/argument. The comprehensive PDF document is over 600 pages, or you can just download the PDF for a specific genre.

Achieve The Core provides MATH Common Core tools and resources as well. Included for math are tasks and assessments, lessons, your grade at a glance, understanding the math, and professional development.

Another incredible resource for ELA Common Core Aligned Curriculum. Just choose your grade level on the left and explore away... 

This same incredible resource has MATH Common Core Aligned Curriculum as well. Choose your grade level on the left and explore away...

NEW: This website provides handy tools for understanding and organizing the CCSS standards (for Math and ELA).

FINALLY - A recent article written by Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond that supports the work of teachers creating their own performance tasks/assessments. If you want to engage in ambitious teaching, start with the tasks that require the highest level of cognitive demand on the new SBAC assessments - the performance tasks.

This is a great Common Core YouTube video for parents (or educators). The video also includes Spanish subtitles.

Another brief, yet informative Common Core YouTube video for everyone.

NEW: A snapshot overview of Common Core in a 3-minute YouTube video.