3 in 1:  Jeopardy-Game Instructions 

Page1 Steps:
  1. Create a New Project
  2. At the command center type:

  3. newprojectsize [ 600 300]
  4. Page1 must include the following:

  5. Your name
    Picture and/or background art 
    A short description of your game 
    Page2 Button
Page2 Steps:
  1. Go ahead and save your project at “jeopardy
  2. Create a new page (page2)
  3. Create a Button called “Game1_Instructions” and a Text Box called “dir_text_game1
  4. Create a title for your "Jeopardy" game and place it at the top middle of your screen.
  5. Create another text box and name it “points” and place the number 0 (zero) in the box. Make sure there is not a space after or before the 0 (zero).
  6. Now create 4 text boxes (each one transparent) that says:

  7. Sports Entertainment History Computers
  8. Line up 3 turtles under each category. [Note: You must change the turtles to a different shape.]

  9.  1000 points

     500 points

     100 points

  10. Create a 3 text boxes (transparent) and type in them 1000500, and 100 points (as shown above)
Page3 Steps:
  1. Create a new page (page3)
  2. On page3 create 12 text boxes. Name them as follows: **NOTE... Do not put any spaces in the textbox names Exampe: sports1000t

  3. sports1000t enter1000t hist1000t comp1000t 
    sports100t enter100t hist100t comp100t 
    sports100t enter100t hist100t comp100t
  4. In each of the text boxes type your 3 choice multiple choice questions. See Figure below:

  5. It does not matter what page3 looks like. The game player never sees this page. 
  6. type the following procedures into the procedures tab:
  7. to Game1_instructions 

    dir_text_game1, showtext wait 40 hidetext 

    to sports1000 
    question sports1000t 
    ifelse answer = "2 [ announce [ Correct !!! +1000 pts ] setpoints points + 1000 ] 
    [ announce [ Sorry -1000 pts ] setpoints points - 1000 ] 

Next Step: Test one Turtle Button
  1. Go to your turtle shape that represents the “Sports for 1000 Points” and right click it. Type the following instructions for this turtle: sports1000 HT .... Note: The HT stands for Hide Turtle
  2. Now click on the turtle. You should get the question you typed on the flipside. Answer it correctly then incorrectly to check that the “Points” text box correctly gives you the right amount.
  3. If all is Okay then continue.... otherwise retrace your steps and look for spaces in text boxes names or missing spaces on the Procedures Page. After checking this then you can get my help.
  4. Finish Step 1 in the section for all your turtles: Sports100 HT, Sports100 HT, Enter1000 HT, etc...
Finishing Steps
Finish programming the rest of your questions and reseting your turtles (ST.. Show Turtle)

    to reset 

    everyone [st] setpoints [0]