Here is a good site with worksheets for learning to program in LSL.

Since our environment is on its own server, we have to have special instructions to access our environment from the Imprudence viewer. To do this, open Imprudence. Near the bottom where you would put your username and password, there is a button called "Grid Manager." Click it.
You will see a list of the different types of environments there are around the world, but ours is private so it is not listed. We have to manually add ours to the list.
To do this, click the "Add New Grid" button on the bottom left of the new window.
In the "Grid Name" text box, enter "BWS."
In the "Login URI" text box, enter

In the "Get Grid Info" button should be available. Click it.
If all went well, the information for the server should pop up. If it did not, you have put something in wrong, or the server is down.
Hit the "OK" button.
In the drop down list above where the "Grid Manager" button is, the name "BWS" should be there. If it isn't selected, select it from the list.
Enter your username and password, and you should have access to the sim.

The first tutorial we will be doing is the building tutorial.  It is a youtube video.