What is a virtual world?

A virtual world is an animated three-dimensional world created with computer graphics imagining (CGI) and other rendering software. One of the hallmarks of a virtual world is that a user can interact within the environment by virtue of an avatar, or a computerized character that represents the user. The avatar manipulates and interacts with objects in the virtual world by mouse movements and keystrokes issued by the user. In simple terms, the avatar is a remote controlled character or proxy. In addition to graphics, a virtual world also provides sound effects. In multiplayer games and environments, chat and instant messaging allow avatars to communicate with each other in the virtual world.

Why are we learning to program in a virtual world?

The virtual world is a great way to learn to visualize objects.  We will learn to build objects, manipulate and change them. We will also learn to program scripts that can be controlled by the avatar or the environment. Also this is a great way to experiment in a safe virtual world.  Second life is not really meant for kids, but this region we are using is specifically set up for only us to use by the Air Force Research Lab. I hope you can learn a little about design, building, scripting, programming, physics, and have fun this quarter.


Lets start with some basics

    • Your Avatar
    • Always look professional
    • Shirt, pants or skirt, hair, your appearance should all look appropriate for school
    • Your avatar size should be appropriate, between 5.5 feet and 6 feet tall.
You may add other BWS students as friends
Please add Mrs. W as a friend and give her permission to view and delete objects.  This makes it easier to clean up the world if we need to or fix something that isn't working if you are not in class.

Building in the Virtual World

    • Do not build on others objects or interfere with others work
    • Help each other solve problems
    • Complete assigned tasks before trying something new
    • Your scripts should be helpful and useful, not meant to harm
    • Always name your objects, it makes it easier to find things later
    • Take all your objects back to your inventory at the end of every session
    • Working together will be essential for this project
    • Do not leave phantom or invisible objects around
    • Create landmarks so you can find places.


    • Avatar - your virtual person in the world
    • Prim - an object
    • Rez - to create a prim
    • Script - a program, owned by the prim, written by you
    • Terrain - the land in the world
    • Landmark - a place you want to keep track of or come back to
    • Texture - the look of the prim

Starting up the virtual world

Start the program Imprudence
Find the grid manager and add a new grid. Name:BWS and LoginURI:
Get grid info, if the screen changes to have some big orange circles you typed it correctly, if it didn't check that you typed the loginURI correctly. 
Put in your First name, last name, password and change to the grid simonastick

Building your first prim

    • Move to the area in the world where your teacher, (either by map, walking or flying)
    • Right click the land and select build
    • A small wand with a star on the end will appear and left click where you want your cube to be rezzed

Object tab

    • Give your cube a name on the General tab
    • Switch to the object tab
    • The Position, Size and Rotation are the most common things that will change with your prims

A Simple Table

    • Simple Table (youtube video)
    • Rez a cylinder
    • Change the size to x: 2.0 y: 2.0 z: 0.25
    • To copy the cylinder, change to edit mode, (it has the arrows)
    • Hold down shift, and drag one fo the arrows to copy the prim in that directions
    • Change the second prim to size x: 0.5 y: 0.5 z: 1.0
    • Copy the first prim again, and change its size to x: 4.0 y: 4.0 z: 0.25
    • Using the arrows move the parts of the table to fit together
    • When you have them in place link them 
    • Hold down shift and click all three parts of the table
    • Then click Ctrl-L or Link on the object tab
    • Now you can move the entire table around

Build a chair

Build A Chair

Making a pool

    • This video shows you how to make a pool. The pool will be phantom.  That means you can walk through it, it will also be transparent to look like water.

When you have finished the table, chair and pool make sure your teacher has seen them, and then you can try some of the scripts on this page:

Talking rug

      • This video will show you how to add a simple script (or a set of instructions) to your object. Then it will react to the avatar stepping on it and change
Changing Ball
    • Changing ball
    • Changing ball script document
    • This video will make a sphere that changes when it is touched. It will change in size and color. It is a more complicated script, but there is a lot that can be changed with it.

More Extras!

Once you have made the rug and the ball make sure your teacher has seen them, and then you can take a look at these sites for more information on Linden Script Language and Second Life
Be very careful with testing scripts they may not always work the way you want.  Also many times they have bugs and do not work correctly, try them, see if you can get some to work.  Please do not use scripts and harm another avatar! Do not leave phantom or invisible objects in the world. Also please remember Second life is NOT for kids, there are places that may have very adult content, so proceed with caution and use your best judgement.  Our virtual world is protected and secure to only students that Dr. Williams from the Air Force Research Lab has allowed.
Other resources could be found by searching for LSL scripts or LSL objects.

Graphing script

                Graphing script video  
      • This will video will show you a script that use a formula to create a graph of that formula.  It will look similar to what you would get on a graphing calculator. 
      • Once you have it working please try to remove the objects that it rezzed.  Too many objects in our world can cause lag on the server.

The butterfly script

      • This is a fun object that will use the particle system.  It will create butterflies that float around. The particle system has a lot of options and components that can be changed. If you do not want a butterfly you may change it to any object that you would like.

First larger project 

create a house

    • You will be creating a house, with walls, doors and windows. Following are some short videos to make windows and doors.  You need to put these skills together to make a house. There should not be any holes that an avatar can see through.