internet safety

  1. Not everything you read online is true
  2. Not everything you read online is grammatically correct
  3. Not everyone you meet online are who they say they are
  4. Some people who are pretending to be kids really aren’t
  5. Taking someone else’s writing and using it as your own is stealing
  6. Every single thing you put online has the ability to stay there for ever
  7. Not everyone you “friend” is your friend
  8. Online bullying hurts as much as offline bullying
  9. Set your filter on “high”
  10. People will gossip if you give them something to gossip about
  11. Sometimes the best thing you can do is turn off your computer
  12. Facebook isn’t life
  13. You don’t have to friend everyone who asks
  14. Don’t allow your friends to share your personal details without permission
  15. When you post your phone number or address online, you’re inviting bad things to happen
  16. Drama blows over
  17. There’s no such thing as privacy online
  18. Google yourself
  19. You’re not smarter than your parents
  20. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality
  21. Sharing passwords never leads to anything good
  22. Your personal information is just a fight away from becoming public
  23. If you use initials you’re still swearing
  24. If online drama is affecting your offline world, it’s time to unplug for a while
  25. People who ask you to keep secrets are not your friends