AR books (Our Scott Foresman stories)

Scott Foresman reading stories-

Unit 1-

Iris and Walter    Quiz number-44206 EN Level 2.5

Exploring Space     Quiz number-80362 EN Level 3.0

Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night     Quiz number-19222 EN Level 2.2


Unit 2-

Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends     Quiz number-65214 EN Level  2.0

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat     Quiz number-5538 EN Level 1.9

Turtle’s Race with Beaver     Quiz number-68295 EN Level 2.7

A Turkey for Thanksgiving     Quiz number-6096 EN level 2.5


Unit 3-

Pearl and Wagner: 2 Good Friends     Quiz number-68290 EN Level 2.4 11/30

Dear Juno     Quiz number-2125 EN Level 3.4 12/07

Anansi Goes Fishing     Quiz number-10216 EN Level 2.3 01/06

A Weed is a Flower     Quiz number-29786 EN Level 4.3 01/19


Unit 4-

The Quilt Story     Quiz number-

18406 EN Level 2.6 02/01

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin     Quiz number-60927 EN Level 3.5 02/08

Frogs     Quiz number-10166 EN Level 3.5 02/16

I like Where I Am     Quiz number-77912 EN Level 2.9 02/22

Helen Keller and the Big Storm     Quiz number-62527 EN Level 2.7 03/01


Unit 5-

One Dark Night     Quiz number-43521 EN Level 2.4

Bad Dog Dodger!     Quiz number-59553 EN Level 2.6

Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores     Quiz number-29550 EN Level 2.6

The Signmaker's Assistant     Quiz number-114985 EN Level 3.6


Unit 6-

Just Like Josh Gibson     Quiz number-75659 EN Level 3.2

Red White and Blue     Quiz number-51909 EN Level 3.2

A Birthday Basket for Tia     Quiz number-16649 EN Level 2.4

Jingle Dancer     Quiz number-41520 EN Level 3.7