Accelerated Reader

Our school uses the Accelerated Reader program in the 2nd grade.  In this reading comprehension program, students will read books worth various points and take tests on those books.  The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teachers set goals each quarter for how many points students in those grades should earn.  If the goal is reached, the students who reach that goal will get to attend a party at the end of each quarter.  For the first three quarters, we have a movie party.  I encourage the students to continue working to get AR points after their goal is reached, because the student who earns the most points gets to sign up for a movie first.  The last quarter, we take a trip to Old Orchard for bowling and pizza! 
Some of my goals may seem a little high for second grade students.  However, most of the books I read aloud to my class are AR books worth more points than ones students read on their own, so please don't panic.  I encourage students to work on their goals throughout the quarter, rather than wait until the end of the quarter to try to get caught up, which can be stressful!  Even though it is important for students to be reading AR books, I encourage them to read others as well.  If you are unsure whether or not our school has an AR test for a specific book, you are welcome to email me or write me a note with the title and author of the book, and I will let you know.
1st Quarter AR Goal: 4 points
2nd Quarter AR Goal: 6 points
3rd Quarter AR Goal: 8 points
4th Quarter AR Goal: 10 points