Supplies Needed

Materials needed for Sixth Grade:

            colored pencils                                                            

1 box of markers (no more than 8)

            6 plain folders (blue, green, red,  yellow, purple, orange)      

2 erasable pens- blue or black

            1 pack of red pens                                                      

3-4 glue sticks                                                        

            4 spiral notebook - WIDE lined(green, blue, yellow, red)               

            2 - scotch tape


ruler- metric and standard                                                                  

1 box of kleenex 200 ct.

            3 highlighter markers      

            3 ring notebook or trapper keeper                                                 

Daily nutritional snack

            #2 pencils- a pack                                                                                                             

            indoor and outdoor shoes                    



Pencils need to be good quality #2 to be able to be sharpened in our pencil sharpeners at school

*Please mark everything!!!