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Policies and Procedures

Thursday Packets
Each Thursday an envelop will be sent home with the student.  Inside you will find weekly take home papers, announcements, and anything of importance
    from the week.  These should be signed and returned the next day.

Students may bring treats if they wish.  Please check to see if there are any students who have dietary restrictions.  This year we need to stay away from
    apples, strawberries, and pears.

Make-up work
If a student is absent, a sheet will be filed out with the missed assignments.  The students get one day for every day they have missed to make up the

Assignment Books
Students are required to fill out an assignment book each day.  We do this together as a class each day.  I do not require them to bring these home
    unless they are having difficulty in completing assignments.  Parents will be notified when the assignment book becomes a requirement.