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 In the news... 

Skills next week:
*Reading -the letter "Kk" 
        ~story retelling
          ~story sequencing
        ~story elements
*Language Arts - new vocabulary words
                   (me, his)
        ~(-uck) word family
*Math -counting on from any number to 50
        ~writing numbers (0-20) out of order
*Science - needs/wants

Can your child...
~retell the story "The Ugly Duckling"?
~name 5 words in the (-ug) word family?
~tell you about our "Grumpy" game?
~count on from any number to 30?


Try This!
~Read a book about kittens.

~Play kickball outside.

~Help mom and dad cook in the kitchen.

~Make a colorful kite with a paper bag.

~What is the name of a baby kangaroo?

~Use kleenex when you sneeze.

~How many keys are in mom's purse?

~Kiss mom and dad.

~Be a king and wear a crown.

~What do you like about kindergarten?

~Can you climb like a koala bear?

~Hop like a kangaroo and count to 50.

to Ashlyn Ramey and Elliot Teders
as they are November's "Rocket to 
Success" winners!  Great job!

Coming Up...
We will be traveling to Bluffton's 
Shannon Theater on Thursday, 
Dec. 15th to watch a movie. There
will be NO cost to you ...PLEASE
continue to save Box Tops to
help offset activities such as these!