My classroom expectations are simple:


Follow the 4 “BES”


BE on time

            This is a very important virtue to have.  Being on time shows that you are responsible and willing to follow rules.  It also shows that you care about your education.


BE prepared

            Bring all the materials you need for class EVERY DAY.  This includes your text book, pens, pencils, notebook, binder, paper, AND YOUR COMPLETED HOMEWORK.


BE Teachable

            Being teachable means being open to new ideas.  Listen and respect ideas that you may not have thought of or that may be different than your beliefs.  These concepts may come from me as a teacher or your classmates.  ALL questions are valid and all points will be considered.


BE Respectful

            All people deserve respect.  In this world you will not like everyone and everyone will not like you.  This means you will not get along with everyone, but this does not mean you can disrespect them! 

Grading and homework policy:


Homework MUST be turned in on time: this means it must be turned in at the beginning of class when the work is due.  If work is not turned in on time, you will not receive full credit.  In other words GET HOMEWORK DONE ON TIME!


Grading Scale:

A running total of points will be kept and the letter grade will be determined by a percentage of total points.  For example: Billy score 7/10, 13/20, and 80/100 on two assignments and a test.  To determine Billy’s grade:


            Add Billy’s scores:     7+13+80 = 100

            Add total points:         10+20+100 = 130

            Divide Billy’s points from the total points 100/130

                                                                                    = 77%

            Billy’s grade would be:  C+


The grade program rounds all fractions of percentage points to the nearest grade. ( .5 rounds up .4 rounds down)


A       93-100%

A-             90-92.4%

B+    87-89.4%

B       83-86.4%

B-              80-82.4%

C+    77-79.4%

C       73-76.4%

C-              70-72.4%

D+    67-69.4%

D       63-66.4%

D-     60-62.4%