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Social Injustice Interview Project

You have all been choosen to conduct an interview for the BBL News Show!  Each of you will conduct an interview and share your findings with the class and maybe the school!


YOUR TASK - Follow these steps to complete the project.
1)Create questions to ask friends and family members about instances of injustice or discrimination that they have suffered.
2)Interview someone about his/her own experience of discrimination or an instance of an experience witnessed.
3)Be prepared to probe (ask follow-up questions) during the interview.
4)Write up the interview as a Q & A, and edit the responses for smoothness.
5)Create an interesting story or report out of the information gathered in the interview.
Helpful Hints:
  • When interviewing your person, look for many different and unique facts to make your interview interesting for your audience.
  • Use the resources on the activity list to help you come up with different questions for your person and help you think of ideas.
  • Always keep your rubric nearby so you know what to include in your final interview report.