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Fiction and Fantasy

Here we will work on our inferencing skills with the help of Chris Van Allsburg. He is a wonderful author who has written many books that inspire and make us wonder. We will read many of his books and work on inferencing skills.
1) Using the brainstorming sheet (at teacher table), decide which picture you will use for your story. Then, fill out the brainstorming sheet. If you finish that, you may start a rough draft in your writer's notebook. USE YOUR RUBRIC!
 2) Take the reading passage "Geese" from the teacher table. Read the passage and try the writing response on your own! (graded, due Friday, December 9).
3) Watch both parts of The Wreck of the Zephyr again. Then take the Wreck of the Zephyr question sheet from the teacher table and answer the questions.
4) Frindle Search and Find: For students who have not turned it in!!!
5) Continue working on your Harris Burdick story. Final copy DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16.
6) Review your reading skills using Study Island.  Click here www.studyisland.com
7) Check out the Polar Express Center on the teacher table! There are some activities for each reading group. Be sure to check the folder to make sure you take the correct activity for your group!
8) watch the Wreck of the Zephyr and answer the questions on the teacher table.
9) Watch this video on the Polar Regions. Identify and write down 3 new vocabulary words that you hear. Then look them up and write the definition in your vocabulary notebook.


10) Practice your reading skills and have some fun on Study Island!
6) Watch the Polar Express here to refresh your memory.  Then, complete the comprehension activities. The worksheet is at the back table.