Class Photos

We made molecules by attaching atoms, and we learned about elements on the periodic table.
We used CAD on the computers to create a space station. Then we added color and a cool background. Nice job Sparkle (aka Lauren)!

We launched balls made of different materials with different mass, and guessed which would        travel the farthest.                                                     
We learned a fun new game, 1-10!

We worked together to analyze materials, and we shared what we learned with the class. 

We did an experiment with Alka-Seltzer as fuel. 
Action, reaction!
We made straw rockets and measured how far they went. Here is Dragon (aka Leah) about to launch her cool design!

Bridge Quest: We made floating bridges and tested them to hold 50 grams or more.
Crepper and Cheesecake show their enthusiasm...
and some dance moves!
ok Crepper, back to work.


Russell and Sunshine test out their bridge. Will it hold?


Bubbles created a dog to cross her successful bridge.


We are having a blast at STARBASE!