Rock and Mineral Webquest

Rocks and Minerals Webquest 
Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. You should use the websites provided for each question (click on the links below)

Rock Cycle
1. What are the three main types of rocks?
2. How does a sedimentary rock turn into a metamorphic rock?
3. How does an igneous rock turn into a metamorphic rock?
4. How do metamorphic rocks change into sedimentary rocks?
5. How do igneous rocks change into sedimentary rocks?
6. What is the beginning of the rock cycle? The end?

7.  What are the 6 key characteristics to look for in rock identification?

Earth Facts
8. What mineral is softest (1) on the Moh's Hardness Scale?
9. What mineral is hardest (10) on the Moh's Hardness Scale?
10. How many different types of minerals are there?


Mohs Scale
12. What is Mohs Scale used for?
13. Give an example of a mineral with a hardness of 7 (according to Mohs Scale). Tell me about that mineral.
14. If a mineral can scratch a penny, what number is it on Moh's Scale?

Great job so far!  Now you get to practice.  Pick a rock from Mrs. Tomkins's sample box.  Click the link below to identify your mineral:
15.  Is your mineral metallic or non-metallic?
16.  Does your mineral scratch glass?
17.  What mineral do you have?

18.  Click on 3 of the pictures of items in your house.  Describe what minerals each item contains.

Mystery Rocks
19. Look at Photo B. How do you suppose those rocks were formed?