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Importance of 8th Grade
(IMPORTANT:  Please see my academic and behavioral expectations below)

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Eighth grade presents a bounty of opportunities for students.  Mahoney Middle School offers a variety of extracurricular and athletic activities, ranging from book clubs, sports teams, to student council.  I believe there is something for anyone who is looking to become involved in our school community!

Of equal significance is their academic performance, which will determine their readiness for high school.  This year is of particular importance, as students need guidance in honing their study, organizational and time management skills for meeting the demands of high schoolAs your child moves toward independence, they're less likely to ask for your advice. They will need to go through some trial and error to come up with the strategies most compatible with their individual learning style. And, you'll want to encourage your child to take responsibility for their own school work. You can help by monitoring homework on Infinite Campus, asking questions and helping evaluate what works for them — and what doesn't.

My student's will encounter a rigorous, safe, and engaging learning environment with a unique emphasis on developing responsibility and personal accountability.  I anticipate a HIGHLY successful year!

Ms. Susan Thornfeldt

phone:  799-7386

email:  thornfsu@spsd.org


AFTER SCHOOL AVAILABILITY:  *I am available to my student's before school (please see me about this), and after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and every other Thursday until 3:00 p.m. If students have questions about assignments, they may gmail me at:  thornfsu@spsdme.org


Behavioral & Academic Expectations in my classroom:

  • I am a hands on teacher.  I am frequently sitting with students at their tables, assisting them with whatever tasks they need help with.  While, I do not provide tangible stop signs, I do provide verbal STOP signs, followed up with the behavior which needs to be stopped.
  • If a student's name is said (3) times in the course of a class period - a one hour after school detention will be given and served with me.  I will have the student call home to alert parents/guardians of the detention, AND/OR an email will be sent home by me.  
  • I will keep any student after school who is missing (2) or more assignments.  They will stay until they are caught up. Again, I will ask students to call home, AND/OR an email will be sent home by me.


If you have missed a class or several classes to due to illness or other reasons, please see Jump Rope AND this website about the classwork you've missed.  I will work with you to help complete all assignments, but it's your responsibility to come and see me about the missing work (:-)  

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Middle school students are motivated by experiential learning activities. Effective technology-based activities require students to do more than look up information; they require students to "do" something with it.

In my classroom, we are using Google Doc's/E Backpack to create, write, edit and pass in assignments.  Every student has a Gmail account by which to use and submit their assignments.  I am often on my Gmail after school, and invite students to ask me questions about assignments, grades, and any other school related questions.  You may find me at:  thornfsu@spsdme.org


With the new proficiency-based grading, many of you are asking, "What does my grade mean?"

            below 2.0:  concerns for their learning
            2.0-2.4:  developing an understanding
            2.5-2.6:  developing a solid foundation for further            learning
            2.7-3.0:  proficient
            3.1-4.0: exceeds proficiency


Essential Learning Targets cover Economic Transformation, Globalization, war and conflict and cultural, social and political transformation.  
Topics covered in 8th grade social studies:  Political cartoons, current events, third world/developing countries, the Vietnam War, Cold War and other world and U.S. conflicts.
How To Be Successful in 8th Grade

  • Seek help after school. Sometimes, 15 minutes of uninterrupted time can make all the difference.
  • Turn assignments in on time. Getting behind creates stress for you!
  • Follow established rubrics, product descriptors and guidelines - which may require you to read them over several times!
  • Use your planner! The world's most successful people ALL use a system to keep them organized!
  • Checking the Infinite Campus portal and teacher websites on a daily basis - bookmark them!
  • Limit the number of absences, as much as possible. When you are absent, please follow up with all your teachers.

"Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, EXCEPT as a result of hard work."
~ Booker T. Washington


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