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Quiz for Morning Class Adaptations

Add these words to searches: 

   Your word + Discovery

    Your word + BBC David Attenborough

    Your word + Bill Nye

    Your word+ National Geographic

    Your word + Animal Planet

    Your word + PBS

Science Presentation Checklist:

I have read ALL packets.

    Lesson 8: Characteristics of Animals

    Lesson 9: Characteristics of Plants

    Lesson 10: Adaptations

I have taken notes on ALL packets.  

I have LEARNED and STUDIED all important words from the packets. 

I have a list of my own questions, thoughts and important words  from packets and websites.  

My group has all presentations ready.

I have explored and taken notes on the links to 

Life cycles, food chains and animal classifications.

Link to videos

Link for 4th Grade Science Presentations adaptations

Link for 4th Grade Animal Classifications

Click here for plant presentations.  

Click here for Lifecycles

Food Chains

Group 4

IXL Objective