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Reading Links for FUN

Web SiteDescription
Inferencing Become a critical reader 
Diamante Poems Create a Diamante Poem 
Poetry Create different poems 
Comprehension Did I read it or not? 
Fact and Opinion  Fact and Opinion activity page 
Long Vowel poems Fun animated poems to reinforce long vowel sounds 
Inferencing Inference Riddles 
Point of View Learn about point of view 
Bitesize Reading games Loads of fun for Reading 
Funbrain Loads of games 
Cause and Effect Matching game 
Idioms Painting activity 
Drawing conclusions and Inferences read and click 
Main Idea Read and find Main Idea 
Starfall Reading Activities for all levels 
Houghton Mifflin Reading Series 
Word Reader Reading words 
Fuzzy Lion Ears Reading Words 
Main Idea Read passages select Main idea 
Word Wizard Story Vocabulary 
Summarize Summarize what you read 
Synonym Fun Synonym Sam's Lab 
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