Classroom Rules and Expectations

Expectations and Rules

  1. Come to class on time. Students need to be in their seats working on bellwork BEFORE the teacher walks into the room. Students who are not in their seats before the bell rings will be counted as tardy. Once a student reaches three (3) tardies, he/she will be assigned detention. Detention time is at the teacher’s discretion. If a student reaches six (6) tardies in the nine weeks, further action will be taken.
  2. Bring the following items to class everyday:

ü  Math Folder

§  Assignment sheet, notes, and homework should be in the Math Folder

§  Document all papers in the following format in the upper right- hand corner:                                              Example:

Name                                                   Mrs. Sullivan

Class                                                    Math 7 Per. 2

Date                                                    8/16/10

Assignment                                         p.304 #1-7 odd

ü  Math book

ü  Pencil-No ink pens, markers, crayons, etc. except on projects

ü  Student Planner

  1. Be respectful of everyone and everything around you.
  2. If you miss a day of class, it is your responsibility to make up the work. For every day you are absent, you will have one day to make up/turn in any homework, quizzes, or tests.


Classroom Policies and Procedures



Almost everyday when you come into class, there will be some sort of bellwork to do on the board. Your responsibility is to come in, get ready to work, and get started on the bellwork. Bellwork serves the purpose of reviewing the previous day’s homework, along with checking to see how well the class understands the lesson.



You are responsible for taking your own notes everyday in class. These notes will provide vocabulary and examples that will help as you work on your homework. They must be written in pencil and be kept in your math folder. They will be turned in as part of your math folder. If you are absent on a day that we take notes, it is your responsibility to copy the notes from another student. I do not provide copies of notes for absent students.




In math class, we will have homework everyday. Math takes practice, and unless you practice, it is hard to get better. All of your homework is expected to be in your math folder.


Math Folder

The math folder is an important part of this class. It helps you become better organized and more responsible. You must have a math folder for this class and bring it everyday. A three-ring binder or simple folder that holds papers in the middle will serve the purpose for your math folder. The math folder will contain (in this order):

1.      Assignment Sheet (provided by Mrs. Sullivan)

2.      Notes

3.      Homework

At the end of each chapter you will be expected to turn in your math folder.


Tests and Quizzes

Tests and quizzes will be announced before you take them. You are usually given a couple of days to review for the test in class. This provides you one-on-one time with me to clear up any confusion. On test days your math folder will be collected. Quizzes are usually once or twice a week, and you will know about them the day before.



Calculators are not required for this class because we do not use them everyday. Throughout the first semester, we will not use them at all. Second semester, especially after Spring Break, we will use them more. It is a good idea to have a calculator; however, it is not necessary to bring one to class everyday until I tell you.


Grading Scale

A+       97-100                         C+       77-79                           F          Below 60

A         93-96                           C         73-76

A-        90-92                           C-        70-72

B+       87-89                           D+       67-69

B         83-86                           D         63-66

B-        80-82                           D-        60-62

*Grades will be posted in class weekly


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.