Less than two months of learning left.

Homework will continue to be recorded daily, as it appears on our website. Each student will record all of the homework but your child may draw a smiley face next to some homework to indicate he/she has already completed it.

Looking forward...


  • Length, Area and Perimeter
  • Patterns in number and geometry
  • Probability

Please encourage your child to continue to practice multiplication facts daily. There are many links on our website that will help your child learn his/her facts.

Language Arts

In Reading, students will be taking part in a book club. Groups of four or five students will read a book together and explore the many elements of the story.

In Writing, students will be writing memoirs.

In Media, students will be creating movie posters.

Checking Agendas

Please continue to check the website for homework tasks or class connections. 

Note that May 19th and June 9th are P.D. days and that there will be no school for students. 

Welcome to Grade 5                  

Fifth grade is an exciting year! My hope is that you will feel part of a strong classroom community where you will be comfortable growing academically and socially. I am certain that we will all work hard this year to make our classroom a fun place where everyone learns and feels respected.
The most important thing to bring to school each day is a smile and an attitude that says you are ready to learn!   
Please check here often to keep up to date on homework, important announcements, contact information, upcoming events, printable forms, and newsletters.
I look forward to having a wonderful school year with you!