Weekly Update

Week of September 18, 2017

  • I hope to meet you tomorrow at Open House at 7pm! 
  • A Reading 4 square homework assignment will be coming home on Monday. The skills will be taught in class last week, and are a review from 1st grade. Your child may complete both sides at their own pace and return on Friday. 
  • The Math homework this week will be practicing their addition and subtraction math facts 1-20 for fluency. It will come home tomorrow and is due on Friday.
Help Wanted:
  • Our class is in need of a Tuesday Folder volunteer on Tuesdays and a copy volunteer on Thursdays or Fridays. If you are interested in helping in this way, please let me know. THANK YOU!

Important Dates:

September 18 - Open House 7pm
September 19 - Picture Day
September 20 - Collage for Writers Notebooks Due
September 28 - 2 hour early dismissal
September 29 - Schools Closed 

What we are Currently Learning:

  • We are on Unit 1.2 this week. This unit will focus on one syllable words with short vowel sounds, blends, and digraphs. We are practicing spelling, reading, and writing one syllable words that have short vowel sounds with 2 or 3 blends and digraphs. The students are impressing me with their ability to stretch sounds and spell words with short vowel sounds!
  • Spelling City is a free website that offers many games. CCPS has created a site for each unit in 2nd grade. You can also download the app and also play from there. Click below for the list of words that will be used throughout this unit. You may have your child play a game or two using this list.

- We will take our phonics dictation test on Friday. This will include 10 words that follow the short vowel with blends and digraphs pattern and 2 sentences.

Reading Comprehension-
  • This week, we will spend much of the time learning what readers do  while reading. We will learn how to chose a 'Just Right Book' for us and how to utilize the classroom library. 
  • We will also continue our study of helpful 'Think Marks'. These are little symbols used to record our 'Thinking While Reading'. This week we will learn how to record a favorite part, what we are visualizing (mind movie), and any vocabulary words we read that we may be able to use in our own writing.

Writing - 
  • We have launched Writers Workshop and the Writers Notebook! We will gather many ideas to write about and create many lists in our notebook for the next couple of weeks. We will write every day and begin to lengthen our writing endurance throughout the course of the first marking period.
  • We will be reviewing the lowercase letters introduced last year using Handwriting Without Tears. At the bottom of this page is the correct letter formation handout published by Handwriting Without Tears.
  • We will focus on using complete sentences as we write. This week we will also review telling (declarative) and asking (interrogative) sentences and incorporate these sentence types into our writing. 

Language -

  • We will continue writing complete sentences this week with correct capitalization and punctuation as we write daily.
Math - 

    - Our first topic in math will be a review of the Addition and Subtraction (up to 20) strategies that were taught in first grade. We will spend this week reviewing and practicing bridge to ten, inside doubles, and mixed addition and subtraction practice. 

- We will continue our study of even and odd numbers with several activities.  We will also continue to practice the expectations of Math rotations and centers. 

Science - 

    - This week we are moving into our first Science Unit, Animals of Long Ago. We will investigate and learn how scientists use clues from long ago to help us know more about animals today. We will look at fossils and clues from long ago in Calvert County to determine which animals and plants lived here. We will spend about 2 weeks on this unit. 

Information from Previous Weeks that is Important: 

  • I believe in the power of open communication. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year. This website will serve as a valuable source of information throughout the year. Please view each tab and refer to it later on if needed. Each week, I will update what is going on in the classroom in the Weekly Update tab to keep you informed of what your child is doing and learning.

  • I will send out a quick email through HAC each week with this site linked. Please log on to HAC to be sure you have an email associated with your child. Please check it regularly to ensure you are up to date on all the latest news. Thank you!
  • All 2nd graders have been given an assignment notebook to record daily assignments and upcoming information. Please initial each night so I can be sure you are getting the information you need to stay well informed. 
  • A reading calendar will be coming home at the beginning of each month. Each 2nd grader is asked to read at least 60 minutes each week. Please return this calendar on Fridays for a weekly check.
  • At the bottom of the page are think marks for student use at home as well as task cards for students to use to check their comprehension of Informational Text.

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