Weekly Update

Week of February 19, 2018

Odds / Ends:
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Important Dates:

February 19 - Schools closed for students; parent teacher conference day AM
February 23 - 3rd quarter interims available on HAC
March 7 - Rescheduled Chespax field trip 

What we are Currently Learning:
  • This week, we are continuing a focus on the long vowel teams that will extend through the 3rd marking period. We will teach 2 or 3 vowel combinations at a time.
  • This week, we are working on unit 3.2 which is a focus on the vowel teams -ew and -ue.
  • We will learn that when we hear the /ew/ sound at the end of a syllable or base word, we usually use the -ew spelling pattern. There is no clear rule when to use each pattern, so students will need to learn which words use which pattern by heart. These syllables can be combined with other syllables to make multi syllabic words. Examples are: mildew, rescue, nephew, and argue.
  • We will spend this week reading and writing words with -ew and -ue spelling patterns.
  • There will be an ELA 4 square for hw this week.
  • The assessment for this unit is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday February 28.

Reading Comprehension-
  • This week, we will continue our next ELA unit called Communities. During this unit, we will be studying ant, honeybee, prairie dog, and human communities. We will notice the similarities and differences within these communities, how each member of the community has certain roles, and much more. 
  • This week we will focus on the honeybee communities. We will listen to and read informational text about life in a honeybee community. We will also compare what we learned about ant communities to honeybee communities.
  • We are continuously responding to reading by using our thinking notes. We will expand our thinking to prove our answer with evidence from the text.

Writing - 
  • This week, we will continue the Personal Narrative writing unit with writing a great hook or lead to capture the readers attention and how to wrap up our ideas in an effective conclusion. We will be putting everything together by the end of the week so that we are ready to publish our small moments. 
  •  As we are looking for moments to write about, the students are asked to pay attention to the little things they experience on a daily basis. Examples may include: eating something that they really like or really dislike, winning or losing a board game, any embarrassing moment, a frightening moment, happy moment, etc. If they notice something they could write about outside of the school day, I have asked them to write it on a small piece of paper and bring it to school with them.
  • We will practice writing these moments as a story throughout this unit.
Math - 
  • This week, we are wrapping up Module 5, with a focus on subtracting two digit numbers through 100 with regrouping.
  • A packet was sent home last Friday as a reference for all of the addition and subtraction strategies that we have learned. These include using base ten blocks, decomposing, expanded form, using a hundreds chart, and an open number line. We will practice these strategies this week and notice not only our favorites, but which strategy is best for various type of problems. 
  • Throughout this unit, we will focus on numbers to 100. We will learn the value of digits in the hundreds, tens, and ones place, as well as 2 digit addition and subtraction. 
  • We will continue with addition and subtraction fluency checks each Tuesday and Friday. 
  • There will be a Math 4 square for HW this week, due on Friday.
  • The Module 5 assessment is scheduled for this Friday, February 23. 

Social Studies - 
- In honor of Black History Month, we will be focusing on citizens who have made a difference in our society by studying many African Americans this week. We will learn about Wilma Rudolph, Jackie Robinson, Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King Jr, and Jesse Owens. 

Information from Previous Weeks that is Important: 

  • I believe in the power of open communication. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year. This website will serve as a valuable source of information throughout the year. Please view each tab and refer to it later on if needed. Each week, I will update what is going on in the classroom in the Weekly Update tab to keep you informed of what your child is doing and learning.

  • I will send out a quick email through HAC each week with this site linked. Please log on to HAC to be sure you have an email associated with your child. Please check it regularly to ensure you are up to date on all the latest news. Thank you!
  • All 2nd graders have been given an assignment notebook to record daily assignments and upcoming information. Please initial each night so I can be sure you are getting the information you need to stay well informed. 
  • A reading calendar will be coming home at the beginning of each month. Each 2nd grader is asked to read at least 60 minutes each week. Please return this calendar on Fridays for a weekly check.
  • At the bottom of the page are think marks for student use at home as well as task cards for students to use to check their comprehension of Informational Text.
    -As we approach the end of the first marking period, I wanted to let you know that all CCPS 2nd grade students will be taking a series of 4  ELA assessments. These assessments will result in 5 Product grades for Reading and/or Language. The students will be showing their ability to: decode (read) words from units 1.1 - 1.5, read a grade level passage for rate (words per minute) and accuracy. We will also assess the students listening comprehension and ability to identify text features. I don't mean to alarm you, but simply give you a heads up for the grades as they are entered in HAC. I am happy to go over all of the assessments on conference day if you have any questions. 

    As we move into Module 5 in Math, it is very important that your child continue working on and practicing their basic addition and subtraction facts to 20. Many students are struggling with the memorization of their facts and could benefit from practicing each night. A fun and non-threatening way to do this is to use dice, a game spinner, or a deck of cards. Rolling, spinning, flipping and adding or subtracting would be beneficial for many of our students. Good old fashioned math flash cards are a great way to practice as well! Just 10 - 15 minutes of practice each night can greatly impact student confidence and their success with fact fluency. Thank you!
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