Academic and Behavioral Expectations

Expectations:  Students will practice the four Walsh Core Values whenever they are in school.  These values, respect, ownership, acceptance, and responsibility, are not only important in an academic setting, but aim to help students prepare to become positive contributors to society.  

Students will respect others at all times, including themselves.
Students will come to class on time and prepared for the lesson.
Students will use positive communication skills (active listening, clarifying questioning, etc.).
Students will respect school property.
Students will dress in proper attire.

Students will complete work on time and to the best of their ability.
Students will complete assignments with attention to neatness and detail in order to receive full credit.
Students will advocate for themselves when they need clarification.
Students will accept responsibility for make-up work when they are absent.


Homework will be graded as full credit (100%), satisfactory credit (75%), partial credit (50%), no credit (0%). 
Late assignments (no more than one day late) will automatically receive 50% credit.  
Late projects and assignments will lose 10 points for every day late.