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             Fifth grade in Sept. 2013                     Fifth grade with 100 digits of Pi! March 7, 2014 

Happy 3RD Trimester!!     

  For all my classes:  
Please use this form when handing in corrections to your tests.  Click Here for the error correction form.


Pi Day 2014 is about to arrive.  Please read the following letters.

Interesting Wiki page on calculating pi experiment.  (by throwing frozen hot dogs?)
Give it a try! (if your parents let you).  Click here to read more and other wierd ideas about pi.

Pi Song on Fineas and Ferb

Don't Forget:  Mathcounts Is back to meeting on Wednesdays after school until 4:30!

If you are looking for my pages from last year, I have kept it all on another website:

 Please contact me with any questions.

Love, Mrs. Sikora