Welcome students and parents to Mrs. Shurtleff's Language Arts webpage!  I have designed this site to be an integral part of your eighth grade experience to use both in and outside of the classroom!  Students: just a few features you will find here are useful tools for classroom activities, ready-to-use electronic flashcards for vocabulary and root word study, and forums to share some of the original pieces you will create this year (and to view those of your classmates!) Parents: please use this site to keep up with everything going on in our class throughout the year! You can find links to sign up for assignment reminders and see your students' work, as well as utilize some of the parent links to help your son or daughter excel in class.  Use the links at the left to explore the site further, and please click the "Contact Me" button with any questions you may have.  I look forward to working with you throughout the coming year!


Some Useful Shortcuts!


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