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Things to Know:

Main ideas/most important info from the Beginning, Middle, and End (BME) of a story

Put the ideas in the text into your own words without changing the overall meaning.

Main Idea:
The overall message supported by the details. *Author's Claims*

An idea or conclusion that is drawn from evidence AND reasoning.

Drawing Conclusions:
A determination you make about something after evaluating the facts. Valid data is available to prove the point.

Type of Questions

Author's Purpose:
The author included       in order to...
The author most likely did       to...

Text Structure:
The author organizes the ideas in the paragraph/article by...

Supporting Details:
Which statement is supported by the information in the text?

Main Idea:
What is the main idea of      
Paragraph      is mostly about...

Drawing Conclusions:
Which statement would the author most likely agree?
Which statement shows that the author believes         


Context clues
Dictionary entries
Greek/Latin roots
Common English words from other countries (fiance, flora, phenomenon, chorus, origami)