Homework 10/23

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Finish copying the "signal words" for the Expository Text type notes if you haven't already.

You will use the "5 Steps to Confident Reading" PowerPoint to complete the "Marking the Text Nonfiction" notes & the Author's Purpose Notes on page 31

Complete the notes handout for "Marking the Text: Nonfiction" (Page 28-Regular ELA Page 29-Pre AP ELA)

Author's Purpose Vocabulary-Glued in on page 30 (Regular & Pre-AP) (Slides 17-20) **information underlined & in color should be copied**

Copy the notes for "Author's Purpose" onto page 31 (Slides 24-27)

Homework 10/16

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Assignment 1:

Copy the following into your "Personal Dictionary" section of your Writing notebook (on page W123) as your daily entry for Mon. 10/16. Define the word & write your own example using the word in a sentence.

Mon. 10/16    Oppression (NOUN). Paul Dunbar uses an extended metaphor in his poem "Sympathy" to describe his own oppression.

Assignment 2:

"Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou (In your "Reading" notebook on Page R22 (Regular ELA) & Page R23 (Pre-AP)

Read the poem & paraphrase each stanza on a separate sheet of notebook paper.

Your notebook paper should be set up like this (spacing will depend on the length of your paraphrase--this is just an example as to how you should set up the assignment): 

***When you click on the picture, it will pull up in the correct vertical (portrait) position***

Imaginative Story

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Here is the PowerPoint we used to start planning our imaginative story. Remember, the story map should be completed when you enter class on Wednesday, October 4th. Rough drafts will be due Wednesday for editing & revisions and the final copy will be due on Friday.

Character Analysis "Hatchet"

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The "Hatchet" excerpts were used to analyze how Brian's character developed by focusing on how he responded to the conflict in each passage.

Pre-AP ELA students used Passages A-H.
Regular ELA students used Passages A-F.

One Pager Rules

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Here are the rules, the "to do's", and the "not to do's" of the one pagers we complete in class. These rules should be applied to any One Pager assignment unless instructed otherwise.

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