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Literature challenges us to think in metaphors, but sometimes seeing the parallels can be puzzling. Let's practice using ideas and images that will be easy for you to relate to, such as the following photograph I snapped with my phone last summer. On a wall in a train station tunnel, I found a painting of a boy and his dog (click here for large image in your browser or view below in frame on this page.) Imagine their story. Is this image hopeful or hopeless? How does color influence your feelings about the image?

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Note: Welcome to a web resource that I hope will help you be successful not only in English 9, but also in all of your high school studies. You can become successful by developing practical study habits to help you organize. When you feel organized, you know what you have to do when, which then allows you to plan that valuable free time with friends and family.

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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Review each week at this link. 9B uses Level C and 9A uses Level D.