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Spring 2016  Welcome to CW class, writers.  

Bookmark this site as your go-to resource for each unit, for a class calendar and for inspiration.  The menu on the side will take shape with a link for poetry, short story, creative non-fiction, animation, comics, and video and media hybrid. 

Materials: Before we get started, gather course essentials: 
  • a journal (bound paper, file folder or electronic tablet) 
  • a free choice reading book for daily reading time (school acceptable)
  • an email address
  • an e-portfolio tool (USB or cloud-based)
  • OPTIONAL "Remind" app (This class is @jlsmhscw). 

Our daily routine will begin with reading time, followed by journal writing. 

Notes on journals: Journals may be spiral-bound notebooks, composition notebooks, fancy diary-style books, papers in a folder, or tablets. Be sure there is a way to get material out of whatever choice you make. A photocopier can reproduce a journal page, as can a student transcribing entries on their wordprocessor. I am not in the copying business, however, and need access to student work in physical form, so plan to export and print materials if you use a tablet.

Do you cherish time alone writing in a journal? John Irving started that way. Listen!

Video di YouTube

Notes on book choiceThe choice of reading is a book of your choice; always have one on hand! Textbooks for other classes do not support the goals of this activity, which is immersing yourself in models of the types we are seeking to create, so please keep that in mind when you come to class. Books should be school appropriate, so please run questionable choices by me. 

Listen  to this writing describe his favorite books. What exactly does he wind up saying?

Video di YouTube

Comics and Graphic Novels

The National Association of Comic Arts Educators has a website with exercises that can jump start you on the way to writing your own. Check out their website.

To show you the power of images in telling stories, check out this simple love story between two octopi.

YouTube Video

Each day, we will begin class with personal reading time. Always bring a book you like to read, so you can savour this peaceful time at school.

Be a keen observer of human nature, jotting down interesting interactions when you see them. Surprisingly, the minor skirmishes of every day life can provide rich fodder for stories. One of my favorite examples are the stories that show up on The Moth. I will play many of them in class, but you may also want to subscribe on iTunes so you can listen to all of them.
Moth stories are short, but if you have an hour, maybe while you are driving, or running or walking, plug in those earphones to catch
This American Life.  These stories are tied by a common theme with deep connections. I guarantee they will make you see life through new lenses.