Welcome to Mrs. Ross' Class

    This year we currently have twenty-two fourth graders in our class.  Each day we strive to do our best by being respectful, responsible and safe.  We pride ourselves on having a great classroom environment where students feel that they can take risks.  You can learn more about our class by using this site to read our weekly newsletters.  Enjoy!   
Homework this year is very important.  Please know that I may not send an actual worksheet home to do as homework.  My hope is that every child will spend time at home reading something that he or she enjoys.  I often encourage the kids to read whatever they want as long as they are able to understand and enjoy what they read.  I would also love for my students to practice their spelling words each week so that the spelling tests on Friday are a breeze!  If your child has a paper inside his or her homework folder, that means that it needs to be completed at home as an addition to the reading and spelling practice.  Thank you SO MUCH for helping your child at home this year!

Please note: We do also have weekly grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary tests on Fridays.  Your child will have a skills practice page that will need to be reviewed on Thursday night.  
For extra practice for our state assessment you can visit these links.  SBAC practice
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