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Behavior Bingo

  1. This is the Behavior Bingo Board (picture taken at the very beginning of school)
  2. The class gets a bingo square colored in when they:
  3. 1. walk quietly to/from special or lunch
  4. 2. get complimented by another teacher
  5. 3. get complimented by Mrs. Rollo, Mrs. Cudmore or Mrs. Tarrant
  6. 4. do an exceptional job during a lesson
  7. Each time they earn a "Behavior Bingo Square" a student gets to pick a number out of the jar, numbers 1-100 are in there. Once the number is picked the student colors it in on the board and puts the number in the used jar. After a full row, column or diagnonal of bingo numbers is colored in the class earns a prize/treat. This prize or treat can be narrowed down by the class and then picked by Mrs. Rollo, or totally up to Mrs. Rollo's discretion ;)
As of 10-16-09 the class is two away from a bingo in the bottom row and has a few others that are pretty close!
**update** As of 10-21-09 the class is ONE away from bingo in the bottom row! They have been raking in the bingo numbers lately- way to go guys!
***Update again*** The kids had the worst luck at getting that ONE right number from the jar, but that just gave them more and more bingo opportunities! BINGO was received and the students enjoyed brownies and an extra recess outside in the snow! Way to go 3R!