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  • We raise our hands to speak
  • We work quietly at our seats
  • We use voices soft and sweet
  • We keep our place tidy and neat
  • We are helpful, friendly, and fair
  • We take turns and willingly share.


May 17, 2013~

Great Expectations
It's time to say good-bye, our year has come to an end.
I've made more cherished memories and many more new friends.

I've watched your child learn and grow and change from day to day.
I hope that all the things we've done, have helped in some small way.

So it's with happy memories I send them out the door.
With great hope and expectations for what next year holds in store. ~Anonymous

Thank You so much first graders and parents, you have touched my heart! ~Love, Ms. Robin

May 10, 2013~

We are reviewing and continue to work on beginning second grade content in reading and math. As well, we have completed our science and social studies content for the year! This coming week we will complete our oral presentations on our “Planet Reports”. The posters look great!!! I sent home 8 ½ X 11 posters for ease of travel and so that we can project them on the Smart Board under the document camera.  I really love the larger posters that some of you have sent.  The kids really showed extra effort!!! 

May 3, 2013~

Our students have been doing a wonderful job of retelling their personal narratives through oral speaking! Their stories of experiences over spring break range from Easter egg hunts to go cart races. I will plan on sending a copy home when we finish this coming week.  We will also have one more oral presentation about our planets that we wrote about in February.  In fact, our reading homework will for next week will be different to prepare! I will send home all of the information on Monday! 

April 26, 2013~

Our students have almost completed their personal narratives about an event on their spring break! Next week, we will begin sharing our stories by practicing our public speaking skills! As well, we have completed our Barren River Animal Welfare League Shelter Project!  The students collected, counted and organized $134.17 and 19 items.  BRAWA will be visiting our classroom in May to receive the donation and to talk about careers in animal care, such as Veterinarians and Vet Techs!!!

April 22, 2013~

As we near the end of the year we have a lot of great events!  We will be seeing the Edmonton Elementary production of the Wizard of Oz on April 29th.  We are also listening to classroom speakers about different careers such as artists, police, nurses, manufacturing and parks and recreation! This will tie in with our upcoming unit on Economics. Plus, each first grader created a poster and submitted it into an Earth Day Contest sponsored by Sumitomo Electric!!!

April 12, 2013~
Our first graders are currently working on planning and writing their personal narratives, which is a story about themselves, that they narrate.  I asked them to choose an experience that they had over the spring break. We started planning by drawing pictures of our stories and now we are finishing a graphic organizer called- “Somebody…Wanted…But…So…Then…” which is helping us place our story events in order.  The students seem very excited! I can not wait to see their finished products!!!

March 29, 2013~

During the break, if you get a chance to read or work on one of the below sites it will really keep the kids in the routine so that we can again take off learning afterwards! HAPPY EASTER AND HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK!!!! 




March 22, 2013~

Congratulations to all students who attended and celebrated their achievements in reading at the “Ring the Bell” for Literacy Ceremony on March 22, 2013!!!!  I am so very proud of you!!!!!


March 8, 2013~

March 1, 2013~ Happy Cat in the Hat Day!!! We read about the Cat in the Hat today and then wrote about what we would do if Mom and Dad were away and Things 1 and 2 came over to play!  The students got to write whatever they wanted as long as they used complete sentences! It was great!  They had the best ideas! Have Fun Celebrating!!!

February 22, 2013~We have  been working on parts of speech!  Our kiddos are learned last week about common, proper and possessive nouns and this past week they have worked on personal, possessive and indefinite pronouns!!! Way to go first grade!

February 14, 2013~ Today at our Valentine's Day Party, we read Be My Valenslime by JK Arden. I have read this story to every first grade class I have had and they all love it!  It is a funny story of a boy and girl who pull pranks on each other for Valentine's Day.  The story also offers a great opportunity to practice predicting future events in stories. If you have not read it yet, check it out! Happy Valentine's Day!

February 8, 2013~This past week we really researched each of our planets.  Then Friday, we planned our writing.  We planned by deciding what our main idea was and what facts we could use from our research to support our main idea.  The kids loved looking at all of the planets and how the look from space.  I learned that planets close to the sun do not have rings because rings are mostly made of icy rock.  Those planets close to the sun do not have ice, since they are so hot! Makes sense, I just had never pondered the idea J  This coming week we will draft our informational brochures, so we will keep you posted on how it goes!!!

February 1, 2013~
We are writing informative pieces on planets in our solar system.  One way we are getting ready is by reading an informative article on Groundhog's Day. Did you know that groundhogs whistle? We didn't, yet we do now!  That is the beauty of informative reading-we learn new information! By the way, what is your prediction- will the groundhog see his shadow?
January 25, 2013~
One Hundredth Day Anthem
(to the tune of "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush")

One H-U-N-D-R-E-D
is a very special number to me,
Ten sets of ten all in a line,
Make a 100 oh so fine.

We can get there by 2's,
We can get there by ten's
We can go back to zero
And start once again...

5, 10 ,15, 20.25.30,35,40,45,
50, 65,70,75,80, 86, 90, 95, 100!

We've been together for 100 days,
Learning and growing in so many ways,
We've come together to sing and say,
Happy, Happy, Hundredth Day!

January 18, 2013~We are working on text features in nonfiction books! This past week we went on scavenger hunt to find text features such as- table of contents, pictures, captions, indexes and glossaries! We learned that these text features really help us to find and understand the information better. Now, we will apply this knowledge when researching the planets in our solar system!!!

January 10, 2013~ This past week we read a tale about punctuation, that's right, punctuation :) We learned that sentences that tell and command end with a period, sentences that ask questions end with a question mark and sentences that express an exciting feeling end with an exclamation point.  We learned this all from The Little Red Hen That Bakes a Cake by Liza Charlesworth!!!

January 4, 2013~ We are back from break and ready to go!  First, we are reading many stories about snowmen.  Then, we will be writing about how to build our perfect snowman!  Check back soon to our "Student Thoughts" page to read our great directions!

December 14, 2012~ We are having a Polar Express Party on December 19, 2012!  We are going to do a lot of the same things that the characters did in the book!  This will help us make those text-to-self connections!!!! 

December 7, 2012~In class we are in the middle of writing, revising and editing our final opinion pieces for our portfolios. We planned our writing by filling out a graphic organizer about our favorite food and why it is our favorite food.  Since we are big kids, we have researched each food group and found what benefits that food group has for our bodies. These facts will serve as the reasoning to back up our opinions. Our writing pieces will be a complete paragraph that includes an introductory sentence, our opinions , reasoning and a concluding sentence.  Right now we are working on revising and editing by using proofreading symbols to help make our writing better. We will finish our writing this coming week and I will send home a copy of our writing so our students can share what they have written with you.

November 30, 2012~ WE have started reading a chapter book in the afternoons! We are reading Ghost Tale for Christmas Time - A Magic Tree House book by Mary Pope Osborn.  The students have loved just getting to relax and listen, while thinking about the characters and story events!!! More to follow...

November 15, 2012~ We have been comparing fiction and nonfiction texts this week.  Through our study we found that fiction is "made-up" and cannot be proven, even fictional stories that could really happen!  If it is not fact, it is fiction-We like to say fiction=fake. However, we learned that nonfiction is fact, no argument! It is always a great idea to read both, then we get used to how to comprehend both kinds of text! I bet the Thanksgiving Turkey wishes that Thanksgiving were fiction! :)

November 8, 2012~ We have been writing our letters to Santa!  We started by looking at a model of a letter another child wrote.  Than we planned our writing, drafted and even revised/edited our letters with the fourth graders help!  Thanks fourth grade!  Now, it is time to write the final copies and address the envelopes to Santa!

November 1, 2012~We had the best time on Halloween!  We worked on Halloween activities all day, from working on following directions to create a paper jack-o-lantern to counting pumpkin seeds. We read a book entitled, How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? by Margaret McNamara. As we read the book, we completed the same activity as the children in the book. One of our students even predicted that the pumpkin with the most lines on it would be the one with the most seeds! Awesome job, Mr. Ahzstin Stewart! He was so right!  That is exactly what the children in the book found out! We counted the seeds by placing them on a hundred chart and then counted the groups of tens and ones!  In total we counted over 700 seeds! Wowwza! 

October 25, 2012~ We went to the pumpkin patch this week! Plus, we had a hay ride, found our way through a corn maze, played in leaves, roasted hot dogs and met a dog named, "Roscoe"!  So many fun things to write about! Now we are off to express our opinions on the best part of the day and why!

October 19, 2012~In reading we are working on syllable patterns.  I have always known about syllables, however I learned a lot more last year while teaching reading.  One fun fact is that every syllable has one vowel sound! What a great way to count syllables!  I have also learned about open and closed door syllables. Ask a first grader today!
October 12, 2012~In writing we are starting to work on expressing our opinions through writing.  First, we want to make sure we know what an opinion is and then we want to make sure we back up our opinion with a reason or evidence why we feel that way.  In first grade, we have been practicing by reading stories and offering opinions as to who our favorite character is and why!
September 27, 2012~ Have a Happy and Safe Fall Break!  Relax and take in a book or two, I know I will!!!
September 21, 2012~We have been working on retelling stories and thinking about if we were retelling a story how we would start.  Then, we realized that we would begin by telling the main idea followed by some details.  Last, we would probably tell what we learned from the story!  Next time you read, retell the story and then think about what you thought was important to tell the person!
September 13, 2012~This week we have been learning how to use story details to ask and answer questions about what we read. We started to sort questions between "thin" questions (where we find the answers right in the story) and "thick" questions where we have to use what we know and the text to answer. This is great practice in identifying what are important details in the story!!!
September 7, 2012~ This week we have been using the "Chunky Monkey" Strategy in reading groups where we read new words by finding sounds in the word we know then sounding it out!  The students even met "Mr. Chunky Monkey"!!!
August 31, 2012~This week we have been working on the "Stretchy Snake" strategy to attack new words we read.  It works like this- you sound out the word (stretch out like a snake), then read a little quicker and a little quicker until you have blended the sounds to make a word.  Give it a try!
Happy Labor Day! :)
August 24, 2012~In first grade this week we have been studying main characters and reading a book from the Junie B. Jones: First Grader Series. Junie is really entertaining and a great character to analyze.  We have been looking at character traits, how Junie feels and and events in the story that cause her to feel that way.  We are hoping to finish the book next week. We will let you know what Junie B. does next!
August 9, 2012~We have been reading a lot of books this first week of school!  Some of our favorites have been First Day Jitters by Julie Dannelburg, The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper and Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. We have found something in common with each main character and learned from each one too! Here's to a year full of reading! 
July 8, 2012~
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Summer 2012~
I have been reading a lot! I am trying to keep pace with our Super Readers in the SSE Summer Reading Challenge! As I have read, I have been writing some book reviews, check out my book reviews at (please click) Robin's Perspective.
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