Who am I?

My name is Mrs. Judy Robbins. I am your child's 5th grade teacher.  I have been teaching in Rochester for over 30 years, in Special Education and in Elementary Education.  I live in Rochester with my husband, who also works for the School Department.  We have 3 children who are mostly grown, and an airdale terrier, Sequoia.   I love being outdoors, spending time in Rangeley,Maine, kayaking, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, reading in the sun and spending time with my family.   

I love working with your children and getting to know the people they are.  My expectations often seem high for them, but I only ask they try their best and let me know if they are having difficulty. 
With open communication, we will be able to help them make great strides in their education.  If ever there are any concerns, please contact me either at the school, 332-2180 or via email:  robbins.j@rochesterschools.com, or stop in.  I will be glad to meet with you.

Thank you for sharing them with me and letting me be a partner in their education!
Judy Robbins,
Aug 16, 2010, 6:56 PM