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Meet Mrs. Remer

I am very familiar and comfortable with the Howard Lake Waverly school district.  Born and raised south of Waverly, I attended HLWW from K-12.  I attended Minnesota State University, Mankato where I obtained my Bachelor's of Science in education.  I  obtained my Masters Degree in Education from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.  This is my eleventh year teaching in the HLWW district and my fifth year teaching first grade. 
A LIttle About Mrs. Remer
Family Life:    My husband Chris and I were married on April 26, 2008.
Husband:  Chris is a self-employed auto mechanic.  He runs his business
out of our home.
Children:  I have an 9 year old step-daughter, Maddy,  a daughter Olivia who is
4 1/2 years old and son Leo who is 1 1/2 years old.
When I'm not in school:  I enjoy spending time with my family,  exercising, playing 
volleyball and teaching zumba classes
 Favorite Movies:  The Lorax
                    Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite Snacks:  Popcorn and Cheetos
Favorite Seasons:  Fall and spring
Favorite Restaurants:  Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Mexican Village
Favorite Color:  Pink
Hobbies:  Playing with my kids, zumba, volleyball, reading,
and watching Chris in demolition derbies.